Emergency Interventions at San Cristóbal, Colombia

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Team SPN

SPN team. Formed by Juana Canet, Rut Cuenca and Elena Gómez, architects graduated from ETSAM-UPM. They have combined international experience in a broad range of projects and competitions. In parallel to this they also teach in different architectural schools. In 2011 they specialized in “Cooperation and development of human settlements in third world countries” at the Unesco Department-UPM. They worked together researching the use of bamboo applied to “Improved vernacular housing typologies in Ecuador". Their interest focuses on the use of bamboo as a sustainable construction material driving the development of local communities and aiming to find low cost housing solutions for impoverished areas and urban regeneration from a multidisciplinary and participative approach. This lead them to join the Emergency Interventions International Competition, "How to manage integral development of an area affected by floods due to climate change in San Cristobal, Colombia" (OPPTA Sept.2012), winning the First Prize.




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