Exhibition Center of Zhengzhou Linkong Biopharmaceutical Park by WSP ARCHITECTS

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Architect Firm
Chief Architects
Wu Gang, Chen Ling, Nelson Tam
Sun Zhe, Weng Jinfan, Zhao Minghu, Chen Peng, Li Donghui, Guo Jianlong, Li Long, Zhang Zeyang, Cui Qiaoya, Li Yujie, Xiao Yipeng, Wang Lu, Yu Fei
Project Type
Xing Gang Investment
Building area
4872.0 sqm
Zona Económica del aeropuerto de Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou, provincia de Henan, China
Start date/completion date.- 2016/2017.10


WSP ARCHITECTS is an international innovation-oriented creative architectural design institute with Class A architectural design qualification. It is also one of top 10 international architectural design institutes in China and the first-class brand in the architectural design in China.

Founded in 1996 in Munich, WSP has accomplished over 350 high-quality buildings across 40 major cities in China. In these years, WSP accumulated rich experience in large project operation and acquires numerous clients and strategic partners. WSP provides service in the urban commercial complex, modern quality residence, industrial real estate and headquarters of hi-tech enterprises, urban design, hospitality, healthcare and rehabilitation and other fields. It sets up a standard and an example for design of enterprise headquarters in China. Its professional advantages, excellent creativity and pioneering design concept are widely recognized among the society and the industry. It has won over 100 national and international renowned awards. The design concepts of 'Walkable City', 'Four-dimensional Architecture and 'Five Elements Park' developed by WSP have obtained the certificate of the National Copyright Administration of China.

Under the guidance of four international building experts, Wu Gang, Zhang Ying, Chen Ling and Knud Rossen, WSP has professional teams of over 100 members in Munich, Beijing, Shanghai, Hefei, Shenzhen and Wuhan. It has always maintained its leading status in terms of creative design capability. It creates the sustainable operation process of “global design principal team + process-based design management + enterprise operation”, based on a platform for whole-industry-chain resource integration platform and active participation by experts in different fields, which can precisely master the customer demands, and guarantee the high quality and innovation in each project.

Corporate Culture
Mission.- to build extraordinary spaces; improve life in the city 
Vision.-become a high-quality and innovative architectural designer 
Positioning.- continuous organizational innovations 
Spirit.- lead the trend of architecture




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