Expansion of a centennial school. Grøndalsvængets School by JJW ARKITEKTER

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Landscape.- Schul Landskabsarkitekter. Engineer.- Jørgen Nielsen Rådgivende Ingeniører, Danish Energy Management.
City of Copenhagen.
Building site.- 10 000 sqm. Building.- 9 500 sqm.
Design year.- 2014. Construction start year.- 2017. Construction completet year.- 2019.
Københavns Kommune, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Torben Eskerod. Sara Ettrup. Jesper Pildal.

Anders Holst Jensen, Peter Henning Jørgensen and Kaj Frederik Wohlfeldt. JJW ARKITEKTER

JJW ARKITEKTER is among Denmark’s larger architecture studios and even though volume has never been an important criterion to determine such a thing, it is proof that they are an architectural practice who has been through a rapid development in the last few years.

They have a vision, to create a workshop that is leading when it comes to innovative and sustainable architectural solutions – with the users at the center of it.

The way to accomplish this target has a lot more to do with behaviour than on æsthetics. For JJW it is a strategic goal to accomplish an architectural behaviour, where the product and the process to get to it go hand-in-hand, because they believe that this approach creates more opportunities, and hence more value for their clients.

It is their experience that the practice that creates most value for all parties involved is when they as consultants get actively involved in all phases of the creative process – from concept to its operation. Through the knowledge and experience they gain and build up through dialogue with developers, users and consultants in the initial stages, and with the ones in charge of the construction process at the very end – they learn as a workshop to balance in between the ‘product’ and the ‘process’.

JJW ARKITEKTER was established in 1986 when architects Anders Holst Jensen, Peter Henning Jørgensen and Kaj Frederik Wohlfeldt started JENSEN + JORGENSEN + WOHLFELDT. In 2004 the company changed its name to JJW ARKITEKTER.



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