A joyful monolith. Antoine de Ruffi School Group by Tautem Architecture and BMC2 Architectes

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Lead architect.- Tautem Architecture. Associate architect.- BMC2 Architectes.
Structure.- BEST Portefaix. M&E Engineer.- Elithis. Environmental consultants.- Even Conseil. Acoustics.- Gui Jourdan. External Works.- Seri. Soil decontamination.- Ekos. Scheduling, Piloting & Coordinating.- Alpha i Eco. Economist.- Dicobat.
4,150 sqm.
€ 10,500,000.
Competition.- 2017. Construction.- January 2021.
Rue Urbain V, 2 - 13002. Marseille, France.

Arnaud Bical, Laurent Courcier, Yannick Gourvil, Eric Hardy. BMC2 Architectes

BMC2 is an architecture and urban planning studio managed since 2001 by Arnaud Bical and Laurent Courcier. They were joined in 2016 by architects Yannick Gourvil and Eric Hardy. The agency studies and produces equipment, houses and offices (new projects or reforms) according to the urban and landscape context in which they are inserted.

With a compact, consistent, and inventive team of engineers and landscapers, they seek to "answer the question posed." After an analysis of the request and all its material and mental context, the image and the use are worked on in an inseparable way. Each project is specific, both autonomous and contextual. However, recurrences go through them: clarity of figures, simplicity of volumes, constructive rigor, quality of materials, attention to the place, to the interior environments, to the people, to the routes, to the light, technical and maintenance simplicity.

His awards include: Great Silver Medal from the Academy of Architecture - Prix Dejean in 2009, exhibition at the Venice International Architecture Biennale - France Pavilion in 2016 and nomination for the Prix de l'Equerre d'Argent 2016 and Selection for the Mies Van der Rohe award 2017 for the Frontignan media library.

Adrian Garcin, Dominique Delord. TAUTEM Architecture

Led by Adrian Garcin and Dominique Delord, TAUTEM Architecture is committed to responding to public and private requests with a close and constant team of partners (engineers, landscapers, etc.). Since its creation in 1989, TAUTEM has not stopped developing projects of a very diverse scale, covering both the built space and the development of outdoor public spaces, within the framework of public order or private construction markets. After a synthetic analysis of the program, the team works inseparably on form and use. Each project is studied as a singular object, both autonomous and contextual.

However, certain principles are constant: adaptation to the place, clarity of figures, simplicity of volumes, constructive rigor, rationality of the plant and routes, quality of materials, attention to interior atmospheres and spatialities, natural light and solar protection. Sensitized from the beginning to environmental issues related to urban space, TAUTEM is committed to the design of sober buildings, limiting energy consumption and using both healthy and sustainable materials.



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