FERNANDO ALDA. Architecture Photographer

FERNANDO ALDA. Architecture Photographer
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Iberê Camargo Museum in Brasil by Álvaro Siza. Photograph © Fernando Alda

Three years ago we wanted to make a small tribute to this fascinating companion which is photography, making a selection of only 10 photographers, something that was obviously unfair since the very beginning of the proposal, because it was obvious that there are many more. Even if we had to do that list again maybe some would change. Continuing to insist on lists would be but insist on a short-circuited vision in which every selection always seems unfair. So it's time to do recognition one by one.

"The seduction capacity of photography is what makes us want to visit a building, or even own it. It is true that nothing can change the experience of walking, feeling, walking between its walls, hiding in its cold shadows or Vibrate with its high lights, but photography, thanks to its ability to communicate, can stimulate us to visit it. Photography thus becomes an indispensable accomplice between the architect, the photographer and the viewer. "

In this intense way, Fernando Alda defines, in few words, how he sees the relationship between photography and architecture. Without any doubt this first article is the beginning with which we will be making a tour of the current photography, today, Fernando Alda.

A year ago we were in the cultural center Ficus, of Sevillas, giving both a lecture on Photography and Architecture. Fernando Alda shared some works with the modesty of who says not to be a great communicator, and yet his images are endowed with a powerful discursive capacity. With the passion of who knows that his images are impeccable technically and are full of great passion, was presented his work by different points in Latin America.

Fernando Alda showed his empathy with architecture and photographs he was showing us, hardly using words.
"My empathy with the architect will make me feel his passion in projecting and the ability of his intentions to carry out a dream. Understanding the context and deciphering the arguments that have mattered the author to fit the project, on one hand he allows me to establish the necessary dialogue with everything that surrounds and interacts with it and on the other hand he allows me to provide all the necessary information to see the results of the fusion between work and environment and thus to document the project in its right measure and scale searching for images full of sensitivity that go from concept to detail. "

Like many photographers built and formed in an analogical world, the digital hurricane of the first decade of the twenty-first century - and why not say it: coupled with the economic crisis - left him bewildered, stunned or knocked out by the overwhelming force with the arrival of new media. This first bewilderment, and having a brilliant trajectory behind him, made him see the need to reinvent himself instrumentally. It was not easy and he took a great risk leaving to make the americas to find himself again. He succeeded, and resurfaced with more force, he extended his field of action and now he constantly arise proposals there and here indistinctly.

Fernando Alda is one of those photographers that nobody can forget if we speak of brilliant Spanish photographers, where light, control of light is always masterful.
"My work as a photographer, specialized in architecture, tries to show what the architect expects of me, but once the work is done, from the photographer's intentional vision, my images will discover aspects of his work that he himself did not know, the most unexpected aspects of his own work. Accurate analysis of the aesthetic and human values ​​of the building and being able to translate them to the images, help to understand the author's effort, aspirations, needs and frustrations in carrying out the process The result is, therefore, the product of communication between the architect and the photographer: a team whose common goal is to build a better world.
All these efforts are synthesized in images, spread through the specialized media where my work is very present. This closes the creative circle.

I want to thank all those who trust me to document, interpret and represent their works and, at the same time, allow me to enjoy in the exercise of my passion: photography. "

I knew, because I knew his works, that Fernando was an excellent photographer, but after our meeting in Seville I can say that I left with the impression of having also discovered an honest and passionate photographer with his work. A brilliant photographer.

Fernando Alda

Fernando Alda. Between 1979 and 1980 he has studied photography at the Image Teaching Center, Madrid. Since 1981 he has been a professional photographer and since 1986 has specialized in architectural photography and infrastructure. From 1987 to 1993 he has made the photographic follow-up of the works for the Seville Expo 199...read more


José Juan Barba (1964) graduated from ETSA Madrid in 1991. Special Mention in the National Finishing University Education Awards 1991. PhD in Architecture ETSAM, 2004. He founded his professional practice in Madrid in 1992 (www.josejuanbarba.com), he is architecture critic and editor-in–chief of METALOCUS m...read more