Public Library in Ceuta.

Public Library in Ceuta.
By ParedesPedrosa arquitectos. [Ceuta] Spain.
metalocus, ROBERTO ALIA.
Public Library in Ceuta, by ParedesPedrosa arquitectos. Photography © Fernando Alda.
The narrow, steep and winding urban planning of Ceuta fits in this new library, which embraces an archaeological excavation of the XIV century, and above them, displays a big crystal-like volume which holds all the program.

Memory of project.

The new Library in Ceuta is conditioned by the steep topography of the plot and by the Arab Marinid archaeological excavation of the XIV century that determine all interior spaces of the Library. The orthogonal geometry of this ancient settlement is turned from that of the actual urban grid. This fact establishes a triangular geometry for the structure over the archaeological site and the urban value of the Arab city is included in the geometry of new building.

The Library is conceived as a compact volume that preserves the archaeological area as the core of the public spaces, providing transparency between reading spaces and visitors to the Marinid centre. The library is organized in terraces placed on the slope that embrace the remains of the past. The lecture rooms are stacked in several levels set over the archaeological centre. Two different entrances in two levels, one to the Library and other to the visitors centre, are placed linking the inside to the nearby streets. 

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Ángela García de Paredes (1958) and Ignacio García Pedrosa (1957) are architects by the Architecture School of Madrid, where they teach. Invited professors in other spanish and foreign universities for teaching, critics and speakers. In 1990 they founded Paredes Pedrosa Studio, after collaborating with José more