Feyenoord City Masterplan by OMA, approved by Rotterdam City Council

Feyenoord City Masterplan by OMA, approved by Rotterdam City Council
[Rotterdam] The Netherlands
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Feyenoord City Masterplan by OMA. Image courtesy of OMA
The city council of Rotterdam has approved the Feyenoord City masterplan in their public meeting. With this step, the city council supports the realization of OMA’s masterplan for Feyenoord City including the new Feyenoord Stadium on the river Maas, four residential towers, a hotel and the development of the northern part of the strip. The new stadium is foreseen to open in the course of football season 2022-2023.
OMA has proposed for their home city  of Rotterdam, the Feyenoord masterplan in which the international firm will realize a new stadium and wider neighborhood situated along the Maas river. The municipality will contribute to this major city development project through the purchase and lease of land, shares in the new stadium and financing part of the planned infrastructure interventions.


Description of project by OMA

A historically significant stadium due to its distinctive design, with the oval stands positioned close to the pitch so audience and players are in intimate proximity, De Kuip is known for its unique and intense atmosphere. Built 80 years ago, the current stadium of Rotterdam-based football club Feyenoord no longer fulfills modern demands. To facilitate the football club’s expanding ambitions both in the national and European football leagues, multiple plans ...read more


Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) is a leading international partnership practicing architecture, urbanism, and cultural analysis. OMA's buildings and masterplans around the world insist on intelligent forms while inventing new possibilities for content and everyday use. OMA is led by ten partners – Rem Koolhaas, Ellen van Loon, Reinier de Graaf, Shohei Shigematsu, Iyad Alsaka, D...read more


David Gianotten is the Managing Partner-Architect of OMA. In this role he is responsible for the management, business strategy, and growth of the company worldwide. As partner-in-charge he also oversees design and construction of various projects, including the Taipei Performing Arts Centre, the masterplan of Feyenoord City and the new Stadium Feyenoord, the CIFCO building in Beijing, t...read more