Flexibility and transformation as expression of permanence. Pingüino House by Estudio Galera

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Estudio Galera Arquitectura. Architects.- Ariel Galera. Arq., Cesar Amarante. Arq., Francisco Villamil. Arq., Luisina Noya. Arq.
Project team
Soledad Van Schaik, Juan Cruz Ance, Facundo Casales, Juan Cardoso Lopes, Tomas Molinaro.
Engineer.- Juan Pablo Busti.
Quantity Surveyor.- Claudio y Juan Pablo Deramo.
Management Construction.- Pablo Ahumada. MMO
Management Administration.- Verónica Coleman.
Texts and translation.- Soledad Pereyra.
Builder.- Hugo Marín.
Roofs.- Bauer Hermanos.
Electricity.- Gabriel Jaimón.
Sanitation / Heating.- Cristian Carrizo.
Ducts and sheet metal.- Rubén Calvo.
Smithy.- Hernan / Juan Rascione.
Decks.- Gwez Obras.
Plot area.- 1,050 m².
GFA.- 155 m².
Design.- 2021.
Works.- .- 2021 - 2022.
Cariló, Partido de Pinamar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Wood millwork.- El Holandés.
Aluminum millwork.- Alumia.
Concrete supplier.- Pasalto.
Irons.- Acindar / Casa Caligari.
Iron Sheets.- Plastigas.
Timber.- SAB.
Coarse agregate.- Casa Caligari.
Sanitary materials.- Mastergas.
Paintings.- Sagittarius.
Marbles.- LAVIGE.

César Amarante, Ariel Galera, Francisco Villamil. Estudio Galera

Estudio Galera. Architecture practice founded by César Amarante, Ariel Galera and Francisco Villamil. It is dedicated to the design, management and construction of architectural constructions providing complete solutions and appropriate responses to challenges. In this sense, the architectural studio becomes the right place to reformulate conventional issues related to architecture considering the environment, climate, economic and personal factors that might affect those people who will inhabit those places.

The methodology consists of the collection of data and analysis of the problem from different points of view towards ensuring the best results. Thus, the teamwork allows orderly planning and optimization of the resources.

The organization as regards management, documentation and communication enables developments to be achieved in a timely manner.

Cordiality, respect and personalize attention are key factors to enjoy the process. Therefore, the active participation of clients is essential so that the completion of projects can meet their expectations.

Selected work Bienal Internacional de Quito. "KVS House" - 2014
Selected works International Biennial of Architecture of Buenos Aires. "Casa Batín" and "Casa Tempo" - 2015.
Recognition to the professional activity of the English magazine WALLPAPER. "20 emerging studios globally" - 2015.
CAPBA Award Mention Constructed Work 2015. "Pioneers House" - 2015.
CAPBA Award Mention for Built Work 2016. "Alamos House" - 2015.
Second Prize CAPBA Constructed work 2017. "Kuvasz House" - 2017.
Mention in the CAPBA Award for Constructed Work 2019. "Casa Rincón" - 2019.
Selected finalist of the Dedalo Minose Award and is exhibited in Vicenza, Italy. "Kuvasz House" - 2019.
Selected for the Buenos Aires International Biennial "Casa Divisadero, Casa Kuvasz, Casa Rincón, Casa AYYA and Pabellón Vasco." - 2019.
"Young Argentine Generation Award 2019" at the International Biennial of Architecture of Buenos Aires - Estudio Galera Arquitectura.



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