The future through the building. Tomioka Chamber of Commerce and Industry by Tezuka Architects

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Tezuka architects / Takaharu Tezuka + Yui Tezuka + Keiji Yabe
Structure.- Ohno JAPAN / Hirofumi Ohno + Ryuhei Fujita + Takehiro Ebisawa. Lighting Design.- Bonbori Lighting Architects & Associates, Inc.
Building area.- 502.34 m² (Sleeve storage.- 44.95 m²). Total floor area.- 801.64 m² (sleeve storage: 86.64 m²). Site area.- 1067.24 m² (including sleeve storage.- 83.25 m²). Max height.- 12060mm. Elevated height.- 5,473 mm. Floor height.- 2,964 mm. Ceiling height.- 2,615 mm. Main span.- 1,600 mm × 1, 287 mm.
Design period.- January 2016 – May 2017. Construction period.- June 2017 – May 2018.

Takaharu, Yui Tezuka. Tezuka Architects

Tezuka Architects. Takaharu and Yui Tezuka founded Tezuka Architects in Tokyo, 1994. In the following years, they produced an extensive body of work, including Echigo-Matsunoyama Museum of Natural Science, Roof House, and the unique Fuji Kindergarten in Tachikawa, which received The Best of All, OECD/CELE 4th Compendium of Exemplary Educational Facilities in 2011, and the 2017 Moriyama RAIC International Prize.

When designing a building, their main concern is to create spaces that are open and welcoming to nature, trying to treat it in a way that can be appreciated. People are not viewed removed but as a part of all aspects of existence. As a result, their buildings offer a design that, rather than closing, opens possibilities.

TAKAHARU TEZUKA. Born in Tokyo, 1964. M.Arch.,University of Pennsylvania, 1990. Hi works at Richard Rogers Partnership Ltd. 1990-1994.  Establish,Tezuka Architects, 1994. He is Assistant Professor, Musashi Institute of Technology, 1996-2003. Visiting Professor, Salzburg Summer Academy during 2005-06 and    Visiting Professor, University of California, Berkeley  2006. Now, Professor, Tokyo City University, 2009-...

YUI TEZUKA. Born in Kanagawa, 1969. The Bartlett School of Architecture,University College of London, 1992-1993. Establish,Tezuka Architects, 1994. Visiting Faculty,TOYO University, 1999 -. Visiting Faculty,TOKAI University, 2001-. Visiting Professor, Salzburg Summer Academy, 2006. Visiting Professor, University of California, Berkeley, 2006.


1997 Ministry of International Trade and Industry,Good Design Gold Prize(Soejima Hospital).

1998 Architectural Institution of Japan,Annual Architectural Commendations (Soejima Hospital).

2002 Japan Institute of Architects Prize (Roof House) / Yoshioka Prize, Yoshioka Foundation (Roof House).

2003 Architectural Institution of Japan,Annual Architectural Commendations (Roof House) / Good Design Prize, Japan Industrial Design Organization, (Styrene foam sofa).

2004 Good Design Prize, Japan Industrial Design Organization (Hounancho "L" Condominium) / Ecobuild Award, Ecobuild Japan (Echigo-matsunoyama Museum of Natural Science) / AR Award 2004, the Architectural Review (Echigo-matsunoyama Museum of Natural Science).

2005 Architectural Institution of Japan,Annual Architectural Commendations (Matsunoyama Natural Science Museum).

2007 Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry,Interaction Design Prize (Fuji Kindergarten) / Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry,Kids Design Gold Prize (Fuji Kindergarten) / Association for Children's Enviroment,ACE Award Design Category (Fuji Kindergarten) / Design for Asia Grand Award(Fuji Kindergarten) / AR Award 2007 Highly Commended, the Architectural Review (Fuji Kindergarten).

2008 Architectural Institution of Japan Prize (Fuji Kindergarten).

2009 The Japan Institute of Architects Prize, the Japan Institute of Architects (Fuji Kindergarten) / The Architecture Award, Asia Pacific Property Awards 2009 (Fuji Kindergarten).




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