Gustafson Porter + Bowman, Winners of the Site Tour Eiffel Competition

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Gustafson Porter + Bowman
Architecture.- Chartier-corbasson architects. Landscape Architecture.- Gustafson Porter + Bowman team. Heritage Architects.- Atelier monchecourt & Co. Urban Activation.- SATHY. Civil Engineering.- MA-GEO. Legal & Financial Advisor.- ArianeE dienstag SAS. Mobility.- Devillers & associates. Structural Engineering.- Bollinger + grohmann. Lighting Design.- 8´18. Safety & Security.- Gévolys. Digital Product Agency.- Area 17. Furniture, Signage & Wayfinding.- Studio brichet ziegler. Architectural Programming.- Yris amo. MEP & Sustainability.- Inex SAS. Acoustics.- AVEL. Art, Culture and Event Planning.- Manifesto. Exhibition Design.- dUCKS SCÉNO. Geotechnical Engineering.- Semofi. Soil Ecology.- SOL PAYSAGE. Traffic Analysis.- CDVIA. Crowd Modelling.- Movement Stategies. Urbanist & Sociologist.- Alain Bourdin. Quantity Surveyor.- VPEAS. Construction Coordination.-S.C.O. BIM Management.- BIM services. Fountain Design.- JML.
540,000 m²
2024-2030 (Ending dates)


Gustafson Porter + Bowman are an award-winning landscape architecture practice based in London. We have a talented team of landscape architects, architects and urban designers led by 5 partners. Our wide-ranging specialisations allow us to engage with a multitude of projects from the urban masterplan scale to bespoke designs. Our design process is always based on a deep understanding of a site; its geographical context and the organisations and cultures that shape them.

We always visit our sites, research their location, history, hydrology, soils, plant communities, local context and site constraints. We will talk to clients, stakeholders and local people about their needs and ambitions. Only once we feel that we have understood these will we start developing a strong conceptual framework that lends meaning and distinctiveness to our landscape work. Throughout our 23-year history, we have sought to continuously push the boundaries of what constitutes the field of landscape design. We care deeply about our work, with strong personal commitments to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients, the environment and the local community. Our strong engagement with local communities and stakeholders, including artists and scientists, adds layers of richness to our work.




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