H.C. Andersen Garden by MASU Planning won the Danish Landscape Award 2023

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Kuma & Associates Europe. Lead architects.- Kengo Kuma,Yuki Ikeguchi.
Local Executive Architect.- C & W Architects A / S.
Engineering.- Søren Jensen Engineering Consultants A/S.
Lighting.- Jesper Kongshaug.
Sub-consultant Architect - until January 2020.- Cornelius Vöge.
Odense Kommune / Odense Bys Museer.
Museum area.- 5,600 m².
Garden area.- 7,000 m².
Total area.- 9,000 m².
Design year.- 2016.
Year completed.- 2022.
Andersen Haven 1, DK-5000, Odense C, Denmark.

Malin Blomqvist, Sune Oslev. MASU Planning

MASU Planning is a landscaping studio that was founded in 2007 by Malin Blomqvist and Sune Oslev. In 2013, a subsidiary office was established in Helsinki and today the two offices form a versatile team with a bond reinforced by a shared passion for landscape architecture.

MASU Planning's philosophy promotes a holistic approach with attention to site and identity in the landscapes they create. With an innovative and remarkable architectural approach, they obtain solutions strongly rooted in the tradition of the Nordic style and a common cultural history. Their goal is to create new landscape stories that combine honesty, robustness, stimulating experiences and inclusive qualities. Opportunities for sport, active leisure and play are valued, as well as quiet spaces where you can feel and contemplate your surroundings.
MASU Planning takes on all types of landscape architecture, from large-scale planning to concept development, strategic design, detailing and project management. It primarily focuses on urban spaces, city development, cultural institutions, and residential and educational environments for people of all ages. Sustainability matters in a broad perspective, using it to integrate aspects from climate adaptation to material life cycle assessment, as well as economic and social considerations into the vision of our landscape designs. Using a wide range of skills, multifunctional landscapes and urban spaces, integrating rainwater management, vegetation, architecture, design, construction techniques and extensive knowledge of materials.

Over the years, MASU Planning has made a name for itself with awards and nominations in national and international competitions, resulting in a number of notable projects. In addition, the office resolves assignments for the public sector, housing associations and private investors and developers.



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