HLBH, house of levels by NAT OFFICE

HLBH, house of levels by NAT OFFICE
[Reggio Emilia] Italy
Inside view of HLBH by NAT OFFICE. Photography © Filippo Poli

Today we bring you the restoration of the house Gualerzi, a historical building that combined barn and stable, now reconverted into an office space with a library in several levels.

The Italian office directed by Christian Gasparini, NAT OFFICE, has carried out the recovery of a listed building for which they wanted to preserve the morphological and typological characteristics. The historical facade remains, but inside the assembly has been reinterpreted by introducing new materials and placing the spaces within different levels, generating double and triple heights and being all linked by a double stair on the east wing.

Description of the project by NAT OFFICE

The architectural recovery of historical listed settlement Casa Gualerzi is based on the preservation of the typological and morphological building’s characters. The project works on existing indoor levels, reinterpreted contemporarily, whereas voids and full spaces of the historical facades and the typological elements such as the porch, don’t change but becomes key points to define free plans inside the volume, that slide on each other generating double and triple height cavities.

The staircase is studied on the columns original system of the barn. the spaces on the first floor underline the...read more

Christian Gasparini. NAT OFFICE.
Reggio Emilia. Italy.
project: march 2011- may 2012; construct
ion: july 2012 – september 2015.
Paolo Delmonte. Ingeos.
Heating and energy system.-
Stefano Anzillotti. Ren Solution.
Building contractor.-
Coesa srl.
800.000 euros.