House in Rubielos de Mora, by Ramón Esteve

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Ramon Esteve
Project Team
Víctor Ruiz, María Martí, Borja Martos, Concheta Romaní
Collaboratiors REE.- Tudi Soriano, Benedetta Chicchin; Technical Architects.- Emilio Pérez, Carolina Tarazona; Constructor.- COVISAL FUTUR SL; Project Manager.- Gonzalo Llin;
Rubielos de Mora, Valencia, Spain
Project.-2016. Inauguration.- 2018
641,07 m²

Ramón Esteve. Ramón Esteve Estudio

Ramón Esteve. In 1991, Ramón Esteve founded the studio with the certainty that architecture was a global discipline. Since then, we have been building a professional team united by the search of a common objective, generating design solutions to unique spaces, objects and brands. Today, the studio is a place where architects, designers and creatives work together to develop signature projects.

Architecture and design are complementary disciplines for us that enrich one another and in some way, are inseparable. They begin every project by investigating all its design and architectural parameters with the aim of achieving a result that produces the maximum levels of clarity, simplicity, consistency and harmony.



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