Bombas Gens, the renovation of an Art Deco industrial building by Ramón Esteve Estudio

Bombas Gens, the renovation of an Art Deco industrial building by Ramón Esteve Estudio
[Valencia] Spain
Bombas Gens by Ramón Esteve Estudio. Photograph © Alfonso Calza
The new Bombas Gens complex is an industrial building from the 1930s and art-deco style. Its restoration is presented with a multipurpose program and with an international reference that will allow the development of various activities, both artistic and social and researchers.
Ramón Esteve Estudio, will be in charge of the last restoration of this building, offering a reinvention and an extension of this space with a historical-social value. The architecture and style of the building allows to accommodate the new uses, each one being given the specific singularity that needs.

Description of the project by Ramón Esteve Estudio

Bombas Gens is an old industrial building with an unquestionable social-historical value and one of the rare remaining examples of the industrial architecture of the thirties. Its Art Deco façades and architecture make it a special, unique location for some new uses according to today needs.

The new facilities have been created as an internationally renowned multi-use space where Fundació Per Amor a L’Art will carry out its three-branch activity (arts, society and research). The first images of the addition reveal a few details of a refurbishing more

Ramón Esteve
Project Team
Víctor Ruiz, Javier Estevan, María Lun
a, Francisco Palomo
Museum Project Architect.- Annabelle Sel
ldorf. Restoration Architect.- Eduardo de Miguel. Quantity survayor.- Rafael Ferriols. MEP Engineering.- ICA S.L. Structural Engineering.- Estructuras Singulares. David Gallardo Llopis. UPV
Sancana S.L
Main builder.- Grupo Inserman.
Structure.- Bertolín. Landscaping.- Gustavo Marina
6981 m²
Valencia, Spain

Ramón Esteve Estudio

Ramón Esteve founded the studio in 1991, thinking that architecture was a global discipline. We have been creating a professional team linked by the search of a common objective, being creative through the design of unique spaces, objects and brands. Today, the studio is a place where architects, designers and idea men work together to develop signature projects.

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