House with two materials. SilverWoodHouse by Ernesto Pereira

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Ernesto Filipe da Silva Pereira. 3r Ernesto Pereira

Ernesto Filipe da Silva Pereira, with a master degree by Lusíada University of Porto in 2009, began his professional career in the studio of the architect Alvaro Leite Siza Vieira, and in 2010 realizes the access stage to the order with Architect Claudio Vilarinho. In 2011 after realizing a passage as director in a construction company, he decided to open his own atelier 3r Ernesto Pereira. The artistic inspiration comes from the most varied and basic things of life. Passionate about it, and what idealizes, their preferred working tool is the use of strong concepts, that convey identity and character, not only the architect but also the client.

See in the architect an Artist, a Artisan, "building to materialize and valuing the dream”.



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