Housing with a yellow path. Casa Sueños by Ale Estudio

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Useful area.- 162.71 m². GFA.- approx. 200.00 m².
Design.- 1962.
Renovation.- 2021.
Paseo del Rey, Madrid, Spain.
Stethoscope and Giant Bernacle lamps produced in ceramic and designed by Marre Moerel, the mirror from the Mirror Periskope collection by U-AK and the Polinizer lamp by Pablo Saiz. Available in Espacio Encontraste.

Alegría Zorrilla Miras. ALÉ estudio

ALÉ Estudio (Arquitectura Libre y Ética) was founded by Alegría Zorrilla in Madrid, in 2019. The founder has been promoting and developing architectural projects since 2007, in search of resolute solutions, from the deep respect for the environment and the social and physical integration in the environment.

In ALÉ study, the most suitable construction techniques are re-considered for each project, proposing innovative solutions and recovering systems of vernacular architecture. Focusing work on equipment, residential and rehabilitation projects and betting on collaborative housing projects (co-housing) that are considered a sustainable solution for the present and future of cities.

Alegría Zorrilla, is architect from Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM) in 2003, completing her training at the University of La Sapienza, in Rome during the year 2000. She completed the official Master in Advanced Architectural Projects of the ETSAM in 2009 , collaborating with the ARKRIT Architectural Criticism Research Group. 

Before starting to work on his own, she collaborates for five years with the architects Álvaro Soto and Javier Maroto and for two years with Node 17 (Manuel Pérez) in Madrid. Between 2011 and until 2018 she founded the azootea studio in the company of Berta González.

2015.- 1st Prize: International competition for the new Escuela Infantil and outdoor spaces for the Liceo Francés of Madrid and the Agencia para la Educación en el Extranjero (AEFE).



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