Imagining mountains. Huangshan Mountain Village by MAD Architects

Imagining mountains. Huangshan Mountain Village by MAD Architects
[Huangshan] China
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Huangshan Mountain Village by MAD Architects. Photograph © Shu He

This tourism masterplan is developing in phases near to Huangshan, a mountain region and UNESCO Heritage Site 250 miles southwest of Shanghai. The area has become an increasingly popular tourist destination in recent years. According the statement, when the developer Wang Weixian commissioned MAD Architects to design a large-scale residential complex in this area, he wanted to steer clear of the typical urban high rise.

MAD architects (lead by Ma Yansong architect) has completed the first phase of  ten buildings that have different heights and appearances, and have been shaped to align with the original topography of the mountains. The buildings, located along the southern slope of the taiping lake, form their own undulating landscape.
“It’s very hard to argue that a development like this can coexist with nature,” says MAD founding principal Ma Yansong. "It's almost criminal to build anything there because it's so beautiful," he adds. “That was the main challenge of this project.”

MAD's original commission, from Hong Kong developer Wang Weixian, called for two imposing towers. Ma felt that was too intrusive for the Unesco-listed site, so he suggested a mountain village, made up of ten apartment blocks no taller than 60 metres in height.  “The goal was to make multiple levels that look like the surrounding terraced tea fields, so that the architecture fits in,” says Ma, thinking on the geometry of the nearby mountain range. "We made the apartments look like an extension of the existing landscape," Ma explains. "That is our solution to this more
MAD Architects.
Principals in Charge.- Ma Yansong, Qun Dang, Yosuke Hayano
Associate in Charge
LIU Huiying
Design Team
Philippe Brysse, Tiffany Masako Dahlen,
Luke Lu, WANG Deyuan, Jakob Beer, ZHAO Wei, LI Guangchong, Kayla Lee, Geraldine Lo, Alejandra Obregon, Zeng Lingdong, Achille Tortini, Matthew Rosen, Gustavo Maya, ZHENG Fang, Sarita Tejasmit, Augustus Chan, Jeong-Eun Lee
Interior Design.- Suzhou Gold Mantis Con
struction Decoration. Landscape Design.- Broadacre Source Landscape. Curtain Wall Design.- Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Decoration Engineering. Lighting Design.- Shanghai Mofo Lighting
Executive Architect
Greenland Hong Kong Holdings Limited
Project Year.- 2017
Huangshan Taiping Lake Masterplan.
Site Area.- 1,186,520 sqm. Building Area.- 613,200 sqm /---/ Huangshan Mountain Village (Phase One). Site Area.- 189,882 sqm. Building Area.- 69,586 sqm
Huangshan National Park, Huangshan Qu, H
uangshan Shi, Anhui Sheng, China, 245800, China


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Beijing-born architect Ma Yansong is recognized as an important voice in a new generation of architects. Since the founding of MAD in 2004, his works in architecture and art have been widely published and exhibited. He graduated from the Beijing Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Ma attended Yale University after receiving the American Institute of Architects Scholarship more