Industrial memory into a home and studio. La Nave by NOMOS arquitectos

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Project team
Paul Galindo, architect. Ophélie Herranz, architect. Elisa Marcos, architect. Quentin Lemazurier, student. Agnese Lanata, student.
Ioan Bezdedan (Aetas Home Design).
227 m²
Luis Asín.

Ophélie Herranz Lespagnol, Paul Galindo Pastre. NOMOS arquitectos

NOMOS arquitectos. (Formerly PYO, now NOMOS). NOMOS is the name under which Ophélie Herranz and Paul Galindo practice in Madrid. NOMOS is an association of architects based in Geneva, Lisbon and Madrid. Together they work on projects of all scales, from furniture to masterplanning, with great interest in cultural context and the environment.

Using drawing primarily to shape their ideas, they explore new ways of creating community through buildings that seek opportunities within constraints.

They approach each project with enthusiasm, care and curiosity; always striving for sustainable beauty.

Geneva is headed by Katrien Vertenten & Lucas Camponovo, Massimo Bianco, Daniel Schwarz and Ugo Togni.
Lisbon is headed by Jorge Paquete & Veronica Pires.
Madrid is headed by Ophélie Herranz & Paul Galindo.



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