Integration systems. Yangpu district zero carbon park by AS+ and Atelier L+

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Ábalos + Sentkiewicz Arquitectos.- Iñaki Ábalos, Renata Sentkiewicz.
Atelier L+.- Linxue Li.
Archi-Union.- Philip Yuan (Second phase).
Atelier Deshaus.- Liu Yichun (Second phase).
Project team
Jerónimo van Schendel, Teresa Casbas, Andrea Vallés, Sofía Lens, Tania González, Carlos Pascual, Vincenzo Cannata, Simin Tao, He Meiting.
Heritage.- Plácido González, Nuria Enguita, Vicente Todolí.
Facilities.- Aleksandar Ivancic, Oriol Gavalda (Aiguasol).
Engineering.- TJAD- Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning and
Design Institute (Second phase).
Green Space.- 24,353 m².
Built Facilities.- 21,400 m².
Ending year (First phase).- 2022.
Shanghai, China.
Zhang Yong.


Ábalos+Sentkiewicz arquitectos, AS+. Madrid-based architecture practice was founded and led by Iñaki Ábalos and Renata Sentkiewicz in 2006. The practice has local offices in Cambridge (USA) and Shanghai (China).

Iñaki Ábalos and Renata Sentkiewicz have taught in prestigious university centres such as GSD-Harvard University, Architectural Association, Columbia, Cornell, Princeton, and ETSAM, combining academic, professional and research activities. Iñaki Ábalos has been Chair of the Department of Architecture at GSD Harvard University and RIBA International Fellowship 2009 (Royal Institute of British Architects). Abalos is currently Chaired Professor at ETSAM.

The projects and built work of Abalos+Sentkiewicz AS+ are internationally recognized and have been the subject of individual exhibitions and many collective exhibitions in the most prestigious centres: GSD Harvard, AA-London, Pavillon de l’Arsenale-Paris, MoMA-NYC (5 built works in three different exhibitions: Light construction, ON Site, Groundswell), Chicago Architecture Biennial, Biennale di Architettura di Venezia, etc. This prestige also reflects in the 40 awards received (25 of them first prizes) in architecture competitions. Another 46 awards have been given to different research and design activities, 19 of them to Built Works. Their professional work has been collected in 12 monographs and their theoretical work has been compiled through 12 books. Critic William Curtis has chosen one work of the firm, the Pavilion in the Retiro Park, as one of the three best works built in Spain during the last 30 years.


ATELIER L+ is an architecture studio founded in the year 2000, focused on architectural practice in the context of urbanization in China. It is dedicated to the multi-scale construction and innovation of Chinese contemporary architecture.

ATELIER L+ has become an active architecture team during 15 years of practice with contemporary Chinese dynamics as a backdrop. There are more than 30 public projects that have been built or are under construction, including city landmarks, urban regeneration, and various types of architectures such as culture, education, office, sports, complex, skyscraper, etc. ATELIER L+ has built a great professional reputation and obtained several important international and national awards through the sustainable production of high-quality works.

Philip F. Yuan. Archi-Union Architects

Archi-Union Architects. Founded in 2003 by Dr. Philip F. Yuan (Professor, CAUP, Tongji University), Archi-Union Architects is a Shanghai-based architectural design firm which is a Grade A design qualification certified by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. It provides solutions to architectural problems through a combination of academic research and practice, specializing in architecture, urban planning and interior design. Archi-Union employs more than 60 people of all design and construction disciplines and has successfully completed more than 20 projects in the past decade.

Archi-Union has managed to introduce a design style that is an amalgam of the global trends and the local traditional architectural approach. From this stems the low-tech digital fabrication method ‘Digital Tectonics’ which merges the concepts of tectonic construction and ecology that are catalyzed through a parametric design process, in essence combining digital technology and craftsmanship.

Archi-Union’s projects have been reported by many international and national architectural design media, like T+A, UED, UA, Arquitectura Viva, Abitare China, AD China, Dezeen, Archdaily and METALOCUS.      


Atelier Deshaus was founded in Shanghai in 2001. The principal, Liu Yichun was born in 1969, obtained Master Degree from Tongji University, Department of Architecture in 1997. The principal, Chen Yifeng was born in 1972, obtained Master Degree from Tongji University, Department of Architecture in 1998.

While winning the architecture awards such as  Business Weeks/Architectural Record China Awards (2006), WA Chinese Architecture Awards (2006&2010), FAR EAST Architecture Awards (2010), Deshaus has been involved recently in major international exhibitions on contemporary Chinese Architecture in Shanghai, Paris, Dusseldorf, Bordeaux, Beijing, Shenzhen, Rotterdam, London, Cincinnati, Brussels, Barcelona, Cadiz, Venice, Prague, Hong Kong, Tokyo, etc. In 2011, Atelier Deshaus was selected by Architectural Record to be one of the 10 firms in year’s Design Vanguard.

Deshaus believes that pragmatic solutions related to contemporary architecture in China requires a rational approach that is linked to a personal touch. The rational and personalized attempt is closely related to its reproduction of the poetical tradition. Deshaus begins by contemplating on who they are and where they are, and sharply observes what is missing in the history of Chinese modern architecture and searches for the new understanding of reason (Li) which does not cut off its relationship with the traditional philos of poetics and ethics (Qing). Such an ambition requires the engagement in memory through art from a cross-culture perspective, the fusion of Li and Qing.




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