Interpretation Centre of Romanesque by Spaceworkers, is visited by M. Hulot

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spaceworkers. Principal architects.- Henrique Marques Rui Dinis.
Project Team
Rui Rodrigues, Sérgio Rocha, Rui Miguel, Marco Santos, Mónica Pacheco.
Civil Construction.- Edilages. 3D Modeling.- Rafael Morais. Furniture Design.- Bairro Design. Finance Director.- Carla Duarte - cfo. Engineer.- aspp Engenheiros,Lda. Museography and strategy Museographic.- Glorybox, Lda. Expository architecture.- Spaceworkers. Graphic Design.- Paulo Passos, Napperon. Historical Investigation and Content Production.- Paulo Almeida Fernandes, Carla Varela Fernandes, Paulo Celso Fernandes Monteiro. Documentary collection and exhibition of objects.- Paulo Celso Fernandes Monteiro, Manuel Couto. Editing.- Glorybox, A.M.S Advertising, Lda, Our Time, Our Story, Lda. Conservation and restoration of the estate.- Vera Caetano. Models, replicas and tactile resources.- José Viana, Novotecna. Signage and Illustrations.- Our Time, Our Story, lda.
Lousada Municipality
Building Pictures. Realization.- Sérgio Pereira. Text and Script.- Paulo Celso Fernandes Monteiro. Collection of Images.- Sergio Pereira, Bruno Baessa, Jose Pereira, Paulo Celso Monteiro. Assembly and Edition.- Sérgio Pereira. Sounding.- Bruno Baessa, Sérgio Pereira. Post Production.- Sérgio Pereira.

2D Animation of Illuminations.- Carlos Carpetudo, Our Time, Our Story, lda.

Multimedia.- M&A Digital, Lda. SliceMoment, Lda. Corporate Ria, Lda. Que Cena, Lda.

Henrique Marques, Rui Dinis, Carla Duarte. spaceworkers

spaceworkers is an architecture and design studio located in Paredes in northern Portugal, founded by the current creative directors Henrique Marques and Rui Dinis and by its financial director Carla Duarte.

spaceworkers® were nominated in 2013 for the Great Indoors Award with the Information Center Of the Rota do Românico, project which in 2014 received a special honorable mention from the Architizer online platform on within the scope of its international architectural award A+ Awards.

In 2015, with the project Casa de Sambade the office won the Building of the Year Award 2015 promoted by the site Archdaily and with the same project also won the A + Awards 2015 in the category Private Houses XL Popular Choice promoted by the platform Architizer. In the same year the office integrated the Architects' Di- rectory promoted by the international magazine Wallpaper *, that every year selects the emerging architects around the world. In 2017, with the Cabo de Vila house, they won the Archdaily Building of the Year Award 2017.



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