Lake Grenier House by Paul Bernier

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Design team
Paul Bernier, Anick Thibeault
Calculatec Inc. (Alain Mousseau).
Léonald Goyette.
Completion.- June 2014.
Lac Grenier, Ville D’Estérel, Québec, Canada Canadá.
Adrien Williams.

Paul Bernier

Paul Bernier has been practicing as an architect since 1991. He started working within Montreal agencies and elsewhere in Canada. He established his own practice in 1999.

Paul Bernier’s work is characterised by a play on space and light, and by the great care given to the choice of materials and to methods of assembly. He developed this sensitivity to architectural details, not to multiply them, but to reduce them to the bare essential and to control their execution. He gives great importance to the relationship with the client, to understanding whom the client is and what this person’s needs are, so that the project, though issued of a creative process will resemble the inhabitant.

Paul Bernier also designs furniture, and does research on architecture in parallel to his practice.

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