Lastra Kindergarten by Felipe Balmaceda

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Felipe Balmaceda Covarrubias. ERKSTUDIO

ERKSTUDIO was created in 2009, led by Felipe Balmaceda Covarrubias, MA in sustainable design architect majoring in conversion of heritage buildings, which focuses primarily on the design and construction of architectural character and sustainable use of materials noble in its construction as well as maintenance and rehabilitation of heritage.

Study experience lies mainly in architecture of public buildings, urban spaces, housing and landscape architecture. Among the most prominent housing projects are the "House the Bough" and "Casa la Barca" among public buildings "Kindergarten Lastra", "Conversion of O'Higgins Pilay library" and urban parks like the edge "estuary Trunk" center of the town of San Francisco de Mostazal, Chilenidad park, and the park of the municipality of San Pedro de Melipilla. Among the new projects is the office building in foreclosure for drinking water cooperative "CAPSA" located in Isla de Maipo, Santiago de Chile and a surface of 1.500 m2 approx.

For development work, the studio has technical partnerships for each of the project phases, made up of architects, engineers, designers and technicians specialist staff according to each case.

It has 3,000 m2 certified design public buildings. More than 20 hectares. design of public spaces, squares and city parks. Design, application and participation in the process of building heritage restoration projects, renovations and retrofits of buildings and homes.



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