lR100-Rinascente: Stories of Innovation by OMA

lR100-Rinascente: Stories of Innovation by OMA
Exhibition Opens to the Public, Palazzo Reale [MIL] Italy 24.05 > 24.09.2017
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
lR100-Rinascente: Stories of Innovation by OMA. Photograph © Agostino Osio, Courtesy of OMA
100 years in the name of La Rinascente. From 24 May to 24 September, Milan celebrates a century of history in Italy's most elegant department stores. A story of costume, culture and passion, told in the halls of the Royal Palace with the exhibition LR100 - RINASCENTE · Stories of Innovation. Exhibited in the Appartamento del Príncipe an exceptional variety and amount of artwork, graphics, design objects, images and unpublished contributions.
To mark the 100th anniversary, la Rinascente, together with the Milan City Council and Palazzo Reale present the exhibition lR100-Rinascente: Stories of Innovation. Designed by OMA/AMO, the exhibition celebrates the department store’s century long creative history.

The exhibition designed by OMA/AMO was envisioned as a living archive and was articulated on a thematic route dedicated to the areas in which the company demonstrated an extraordinary design and realization capacity: the history of Rinascente from 1865 to the present; Marcello Dudovich and the birth of the billboards; Cinema and video; Catalogs and house organ; New communication and new graphics from the 1950s onwards; Fittings and events; New consumption; Costume and fashion with the revolution of the prêt-à-porter; Rinascente design center; The birth of the Golden Compass (1954-1964); The future scenario.

Additionally, OMA/AMO has designed eight window installations at la more
Architects Arquitectos
OMA Partner in Charge.- Ippolito Pestel
lini Laparelli Project Leader.- Antonio Barone
Team Equipo
Giacomo Ardesio, Danna Lei, Eva Lindsay,
Giulio Margheri
la Rinascente
Collaborators Colaboradores
Curators.- Sandrina Bandera, Maria Canel
la Research.- Memoria & Progetto, Elena Puccinelli, Elisa Paladino, Gabriella Passerini, Michela Taloni Graphic Design.- POMO Exhibition setup and production.- ALTOFRAGILE with Fosbury Architecture and LPD Design Video and Multimedia.- Davide Rapp with Giorgio Zangrandi In collaboration with Twin Studio, Prettybird / Tem, Bengler, 3D Produzioni for Rinascente, Sky Arte and Memomi for Rinascente, Sky Arte and Memomi Models.- Sebastiano Conti Gallenti, Sara Galli Special Research.- Antonella Minetto, Raimonda Riccini,
Exhibition/ Windows display design
Dates Fechas
from 24 May to 24 September 2017.
Venue Lugar
Palazzo Reale, Piazza del Duomo, 12 Mila
n, Italy. Milán, Italia

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