MACBA Collection. The demolition as leitmotiv.

MACBA Collection. The demolition as leitmotiv.
MACBA [BCN] 07/06-21/10/2012.
metalocus, TERESA DEL PRADO.
The MACBA Collection offers a new presentation of its collection and recent acquisitions. The exhibition is divided into three chapters in which thematizes the relation between artistic practice and the urban condition. In the first section we have the traces left by the architect Le Corbusier and the writer Jean Genet on their visit to Barcelona in the early thirties. The centerpiece of the exhibition is constituted by the Portfolio Office Barroque, 46 works that testify the ephemeral interventions of Matta-Clark in the last six years of his life. The last part comprises the documentary film by Roberto Rossellini that records the first days of activity of the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and the impact that caused in the visitors.

Le Corbusier and Jean Genet in the Raval.

Le Corbusier and Jean Genet inspire the first part, that contains as centerpiece the diorama of the Pla Macià (1934). The project sought an urban renewal of the center of Barcelona. In contrast, Jean Genet, who wandered through the "Barrio Chino" shortly after Le Corbusier did, coincided with the most abject aspects of the street. His novel "The Thief's Journal" (1949) is related to the elapsed time in this city. So both the modernity associated to the rationalism, engaged in physical and moral sanitation, and that other that explores formlessness and marginality, coincided in time and space.

Gordon Matta-Clark. Portfolio Office Baroque.

The second part focuses on the project Office Baroque (1977), one of the last building cuts conducted by Gordon Matta-Clark. The portfolio Office Baroque comprises 44 black and white photographs documenting a large more