Memory of municipal beach and swimming pool without discrimination. Bending Arc Installation by Janet Echelman

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Project team
Studio Echelman Team.- Melissa Henry, Danial Smith, Jamie Li, Daniel Zeese.
Sculpture Engineering.- Arup: Clayton Binkley. Lighting Design.-: Arup: Christoph Gisel. Landscape Architecture.- W Architecture: Barbara Wilks and David Ostrich.
Composed of 1,662,528 knots and 180 miles of twine, the aerial sculpture spans 424 feet and measures 72 feet at its tallest point.
Photography and Videography
City of St. Petersburg, Brain Adams, Raul Quintana, Joe Sale.

Janet Echelman

Janet Echelman. American artist Janet Echelman reshapes urban airspace with monumental, fluidly moving sculpture. Echelman first set out to be an artist after graduating college. She moved to Hong Kong in 1987 to study Chinese calligraphy and brush-painting. Later she moved to Bali, Indonesia, where she collaborated with artisans to combine traditional textile methods with contemporary painting.

When she lost her bamboo house in Bali to a fire, Echelman returned to the United States and began teaching at Harvard. After seven years as an Artist-in-Residence, she returned to Asia, embarking on a Fulbright lectureship in India.

Recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship, the Harvard University Loeb Fellowship, a Fulbright Lectureship, and the Aspen Institute Crown Fellowship, her TED talk “Taking Imagination Seriously” has been translated into 35 languages with more than one million views.

She built her studio beside her hundred-year-old house, where she lives with her husband David Feldman and their two children.



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