Modernity and sustainability in Le Rosey Campus

Modernity and sustainability in Le Rosey Campus
By Bernard Tschumi, [Rolle] Switzerland.
metalocus, LEONOR MARTÍN
Aerial view of the Campus. Le Rosey Concert Hall by Bernard Tschumi. Fotograph © Iwan baan.
Bernard Tschumi designs a new Concert Hall and Arts Center associated to Le Rosey International Boarding School. With capacity for 900 spectators, the new building brings modernity and technology to a natural and nineteenth-century panorama.

In the competition for Le Rosey Concert Hall, it is obvious that Bernard Tschumi's studio raises many questions on how to act in a natural landscape with traditional architecture and not fall into formal conflicts with the environment. The answers are compelling, getting a surprising and fresh look of the campus without breaking the balance of the surroundings.

Description of the project by Bernard Tschumi Architects.

Project Overview.-

How can a state-of-the-art philharmonic hall be combined with a major sustainability goal? Set under a low, reflective metal dome, the 900-seat concert hall is made entirely of recycled OSB compressed wood, together with natural mechanical ventilation (as per local sustainability requirements, there is no air conditioning). Located by Lake Geneva at the international boarding school Le Rosey, the Concert Hall and Center infuses the historic campus with more


Bernard Tschumi (1944) is Principal of Bernard Tschumi Architects, New York and Paris. A theorist, author, educator, and architect, he is known for books including The Manhattan Transcripts and Architecture and Disjunction and built projects including the Parc de la Villette, the Acropolis Museum, Le Fresnoy Center for the Contemporary Arts, and the Vacheron-Constantin Corporate more