Multifunctional service center of liuba mountain scenic area by shulin architectural design

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Shulin Architectural Design. Lead architects.- Lin Chen, Dongying Liu.
Project team
Wang Jiaxin, Xiiuchen Guo, Chenyan Pan, Huiyi Zhang.
Landscape designer - Ye Lin. Interior designer - Jiaxin Wang. Structural consultant.- Lu Yang.
Liuba County Housing and Urban Rural Construction Administration.
Meng Yang.
380 sqm.
Wayaogou, Liuba County, Hanzhong, Shaanxi, China.
Yilong Zhao and Ang Wu.

Chen Lin. Shulin Architectural Design

Shulin Architectural Design. Chinese architecture studio  was established by Chen Lin in Hangzhou in 2015. The office is a small design practice with about ten people focusing on architecture and interiors, which takes rural studies, Chinese gardens, traditional culture and artistic aesthetics as its ideological source and carries out practical projects independently. and research related to architecture.

Shulin Architectural Office, "Xulin" has three meanings: the first meaning is to be able to study design in silence in the mountains and forests, surrounded by mountains and trees. Another meaning is that the space they design can be closer to the natural landscape, respect nature and integrate with it. The final meaning is that the word "Shaolin" is definitely not a single word, but a team, which uses the power of the team to create a world.

The complete work [Shiyunshanfang] Book House has been published on major websites and media of domestic and foreign architectural circles, and has also been broadcast by major media in public accounts. The second video communication platform specializing in video filming has been published. In some domestic magazines and books, it was also reported by Toutiao, Sina, Tencent and other websites, which attracted great attention.

2020 - ArchitizerA+Firm Global Small Architectural Firm of the Year.
2020 - A' Design Award & Competition Gold Award in Architecture and Structural Design.
2020 - Architectural Design Award iF Design Award.
2020 - Gold Award for the Best GPDP Award for French Cultural Architecture of the Double-Sided God.
2020 - DtEA Award for the most educational architectural design worldwide.
2020 - Chinese Taipei Design Award of Excellence Award.
2020 - China Top Design Yearbook TOP DESIGN100 | Excellent Hotel Design of the Year.
2020 - AIM Anning Dawn Community Renewal Gold Award.
2020 - Better Life-Top 100 Public Cultural Space Award.
2019 - IDA Design Award Gold Award for Architecture in Other Categories.
2019 - DFA Design For Asia Award Asia's Most Influential Design Award.
2019 - I-ding Award Award for Excellence in Rural Construction.
2019 - I-ding Award Silver Award in the Rural Construction Category.
2019 - I-ding Prize  Gold Award in the category of Public Building Space.
2019 - MasterPrize Architecture Cultural Architecture Award.
2019 - AIM Anning Jinfang Rural Public Space Design Finalist Award.
2018 - Youfang Young Enterprise.



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