Multiple transparencies. VITR by ARCHETONIC

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ARCHETONIC.- Jacobo Micha Mizrahi. Jaime Micha Balas
Ernesto Rossell. Jessica Steiner Durán. Edgar Durán Piñeiro
12,916 sq ft
Mexico City


ARCHETONIC is a Mexico City based study with more than 30 years of practice in architecture projection. All our projects have the base commitment to improve the environment, paying special attention to design methodology, materials and local processes.

We design spaces with a systemic methodology: self-sufficient and sensitive to the context, with spatial quality and economic responsibility, always keeping in mind that architecture is to inhabit, serve and coexist in society.

Deciphering the formal limitations of design has led us to generate opportunities to experiment and achieve unique spaces; thanks to a wide knowledge of operation we achieve optimal functionality in our projects. We approach challenges of any scale, gender and temporality; taking care of even the smallest detail, from its conception to its execution.

Our team is guided by instinct mixing experience with young talent. To date we have more tan 120 built projects (residential, commercial, tourist, offices, interior and cultural) that are backed by national and international awards and recognitions.

JUNG 2023



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