City of the Archives of Oaxaca by Mendaro Architects

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Lead.- Ignacio Mendaro Corsini. Assistants.- José Ignacio Montes, Alberto Arteaga.
Constructor manager
Cuauhtémoc Hernández S. (Eng.)
Project coordinator.- Francisco León Pacheco (Lic.). Collaborators first proposal in Madrid.- Patricia Bouzas (Arch.). First proposed model.- Alfonso Renjifo (Arch.), Jesús Lazcano (Arch.), Pilar Díaz (Arch.). Collaborators final proposal in Oaxaca.- Revit.- Anabel Gómez (Arch.), Maribel González (Arch.), Omar Peñaloza (Arch.), Janet Bautista (Arch.). Models.- Luis Martínez Zúñiga (Arch.), Daniel (Arch.), Eliezer Martínez (Arch.), Alejandro Santiago (Arch.), Claudia Calleja (Arch.). Gardening.- Alejandro de Ávila (Dr.), Pina Hamilton (Lic.). Calculation of Structures.- Darío Vasconcelos (Eng.), Juan José Cruz (Eng.). Hydraulic Installations.- Raúl Leyva (Eng.), Oscar Gaytán (Eng.). Treatment and water treatment.- Marco Antonio Castellanos (Eng.). Electrical and lighting installations.- Ángel Cervantes (Eng.), Santiago Bautista (Eng.), Jesús Morales (Eng.), Ricardo Noriega (Eng.). Special Facilities.- Rafael Rivera (Eng.), Ulises Adair Canseco (Arch.) Responsible for structural security.- Darío Vasconcelos M. (Eng.) Responsible in facilities.- Abelino León G. (Eng.)
Elena Marini Silvestri, Fausto Nahum Pérez Sánchez, Alberto Pérez Cuevas, Francisco León Pacheco and Ignacio Mendaro Corsini.
Alfredo Harp Helú Oaxaca Foundation, Government of the State of Oaxaca.
Costs.- Petra Santos Villanueva (Arch.), Julio Oliva(Arch.), Arístides Vázquez (Arch.), David Hernández (Eng.).
11815.0 m²
The City of Las Canteras, Martyrs of Tacubaya, Sta Maria Ixcotel Municipal Agency, 71229 Santa Lucía del Camino, Oax., Mexico.

Ignacio Mendaro Corsini

Ignacio Mendaro Corsini. Born in Marquina, Vizcaya in 1946. Architect by the School of Architecture of Madrid ETSAM 1974. Associate Professor of the Department of Projects of the ETSAM from 1976-1998. Visiting Professor in the Project Department of the School of Engineering of Cagliari, Sardinia between 2004 and 2007.

He has been a lecturer and invited professor in several national and international universities, recently: I International Congress of Illumination of Monuments (Mexico City 2012) International Meeting of the Architectural Patrimony "Renewal in Continuity" celebrated in Lima, Peru in 2010, Guest of honor to the conference at the French Society of Architecture (SFA) 2010; International Seminar of the Architectural and Urban Project in Cagliari 2010.

ENDESA AWARD 2011 FOR THE BEST SUSTAINABLE RESTORATION with the integral intervention in the Manuel Silvela mansion as the headquarters of the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office, Madrid. CAM AWARD best geothermal installation 2012 with the Mansion of Manuel Silvela, Madrid, work installed by Eneres. 2013 ASPRIMA PRIZE for the Integral Rehabilitation of the Mansion of Manuel Silvela, Madrid.
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