Music Box by John Grable Architects. An acoustic experience

Music Box by John Grable Architects. An acoustic experience
Sisterdale [Texas] USA
metalocus, SARA NÁJAR
Music Box by John J. Grable. Photograph © John J. Grable FAIA, Matthew Martinez and Dror Baldinger
The small structure that embraces the Music Box is located nearby a river in Sisterdale, Texas.
The design of John Grable Architects provides a place where the connection with music and its surrounding nature takes an important role.

Description of the project by John Grable Architects

Sited within a flood plain adjacent to Sister Creek - a tributary to the Guadalupe River - a lone structure hovers above the land on steel oil pipe pilotes creating an elevated perspective and panoramic view to the adjacent creek and waterfall dam. Serving as a sanctuary for mind, music and health, this single volume program is three miles from the verdant cypress tree lined "horse shoe bend" of the Guadalupe River chronicled as "the prettiest place in Texas" by Frederick Law Olmsted in his 1857 book A Journey through Texas.

The piloted super structure assembled with reclaimed oil field pipe pays homage to five generations of the family legacy within the oil industry. Laced within the alternating grey Sinker Cypress wood more

John Grable Architects
Design Team
Project Team.- Matthew Martinez General
Contractor.- Jeff Truax, Truax Construction Engineer.- Aaron Staas, Perspective Engineering
37,2 sqm
Built October 2012

John Grable

John Grable's award-winning work is inspired by his intimate relationship with the environment, which stems from his love and respect for the land and a keen understanding of how buildings can gently co-exist with nature. After 18 years as a project manager and partner at Lake|Flato Architects, John returned to his roots in 2004 and founded John Grable Architects, where his more more