Music Box by John Grable Architects. An acoustic experience

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John Grable Architects
Design Team
Project Team.- Matthew Martinez. General Contractor.- Jeff Truax, Truax Construction. Engineer.- Aaron Staas, Perspective Engineering.
37,2 sqm.
Built October 2012.

Architects John Grable

John Grable's award-winning work is inspired by his intimate relationship with the environment, which stems from his love and respect for the land and a keen understanding of how buildings can gently co-exist with nature. After 18 years as a project manager and partner at Lake|Flato Architects, John returned to his roots in 2004 and founded John Grable Architects, where his more than 30 years of experience as a designer, builder, developer and teacher converge.

American Institute of Architects Service
    Chair, Texas Society of Architects Fellowship Committee, 2008
    Co-Chair, AIA San Antonio Design Awards Committee, 2000-2006
Education Service
    2012 - Texas Tech University - Visiting Professor
    2011 - Washington University in St. Louis - Juror for Wendell Burnette's Studio
    2007 - 2010 University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture - Advisory Council Member
    2005 - University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Graduate Studio - Adjunct Professor
    2004 - UTSA Lake|Flato Graduate Design Studio - Co Founder
    1998 - UTSA Lake|Flato Senior Studio - Studio Professor
    1998 - UTSA School of Architecture - Juror
    1997 - Texas A&M University - Guest Lecturer
    2010 - Design Guidelines Committee, City of Alamo Heights
    2006 - Design Guidelines Committee, City of Alamo Heights
    2001 - 2006 Traffic Planning Oversight Committee, City of Alamo Heights
    1999 - Present Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Volunteer, Site and Trail Development
    1997 - 2013 Planning & Zoning Commission, City of Alamo Heights




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