Music hub dedicated to the production and reception of pop. Taipei Music Center by RUR Architecture DPC

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RUR Architecture DPC.- Jesse Reiser + Nanako Umemoto. 
Project team
Jesse Reiser, Nanako Umemoto, Neil Cook, Michael Overby, Juan De Marco, Hilary Simon, John Murphy, Kris Hedges, Eleftheria Xanthouli, Toshiki Hirano, Ryosuke Imaeda, Joy Wang, Massimiliano Orzi, Xian Lai, Jasmine Lee (liaison with FCA during construction).
Structural Engineer.- ARUP, Hong Kong (Schematic Design)/ Supertek, Taiwan (Detailed Design). Facade Consultant.- Meinhardt Façade Technology. Theater, Acoustics Consultants.- ARUP, New York (Schematic Design)/ ARUP, Hong Kong (Detailed Design).
Ministry of Culture of Taiwan + Taipei City Government.
Site Area.- 89,223 m². Gross Floor Area.- 70,200 m².
Design.- 2009 - 2014. Construction.- 2013-2021.- The North side was completed in 2019.
North side.- 2.6 billion NTD. South side.- 1.8 billion NTD.
Taipei, Taiwan.
Yana Zhezhela & Alek Vatagin, Fei & Cheng Associates.

Jesse Reiser, Nanako Umemoto. REISER + UMEMOTO

Jesse Reiser and Nanako Umemoto have practiced in New York City as Reiser + Umemoto, RUR Architecture P.C. since 1986. Jesse Reiser is currently an Associate Professor of Architecture at Princeton University.  Nanako Umemoto is currently a Visiting Professor at the University of Pennsylvania and leads a yearly design workshop at Hong Kong University. 

Reiser + Umemoto, RUR Architecture P.C., an internationally recognized architectural firm, has built projects at a wide range of scales: from furniture design, to residential and commercial structures, up to the scale of landscape design and infrastructure.

The firm was awarded the Chrysler Award for Excellence in Design in 1999, the Academy Award in Architecture by the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 2000, and in May 2008, Jesse Reiser and Nanako Umemoto were awarded the Presidential Citation from President George Campbell of the Cooper Union for outstanding practical and theoretical contributions to the field of Architecture.




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