An oasis of silence. Fibonacci by Marco Maio Architects

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Project team
Marco Maio, David Obrovnik, Kaja Likar, Katarina Kobale.
Jabloňka Winery.
100 m².
Project year.- 2018.
Completion year.- 2022.
Troja, Prague. Czech Republic.
Manufacturers Fabricantes
COR-TEN works.- Jakub Ščerba.
Lights Sfera Portable.- Brokis.
Furniture.- Tribù.

Marco Maio Architects

Marco Maio Architects is an architecture studio founded by Marco Maio in Prague in 2016. Maio, has been a professor at ČVUT, Faculty of Architecture, 2009 - 2015, at Camões Institute / Charles University in Prague, 2010 - 2016, and since 2018 he is a professor at the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Marco Maio Architects is a team of young professionals from around the world based in Prague. They use their background differences to shape new and interesting designs. Their work consists of a wide range of architectural projects, from small scale designing of furniture, to bigger projects engaging in urbanistic developments of residential and other areas. Their main design focus point is shaping the light.



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