Opening of GES-2 V-A-C House of Culture by Renzo Piano

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Design team
A.Belvedere (partner in charge), P.Carignano, M.Daubach, D.Maïkoff, M.Pimmel, A.Prokudina with A.Artemeva, D.Franceschin, B.Grilli di Cortona, D.Karaiskaki, V.Lucchiari, K.Malinauskaite, B.Millonzi, J.Pattinson, D.Pomponio, P.Ogonowska, V.Shabelnik, F.Tessitore and B.Billi, L.De Capitani; A.Bagatella, D.Tsagkaropoulos (CGI); O.Aubert, C.Colson, Y.Kyrkos (models).
Milan Ingegneria, Metropolis (structure); Arup, Metropolis (MEP, façade); Arup (sustainability); Faros (restoration project); SK-Orion AV (fire prevention); M.Desvigne, Peverelli (landscaping); APEX Project Bureau (executive architect).
The V-A-C Foundation.
Site area.- 150 m x 150 m; 2 Ha.
Building area.- 20 000 m² (GES-2); 15 000 m² Parking.
Exhibition.- 5 500 m².
Auditorium.- 420 seats.
Education.- 1 000 m².
Fabbrica (Vaults).- 1 500 m².
Landscaped area.- 6 800 m².
Planted area.- 5 100 m².
The Forest.- 624 Birches.
Chimneys.- 4 units, 70 m high.
Surface of photovoltaics.- 5 000 m².
2011 - 2021.
V-A-C Foundation. 15 Bolotnaya Embankment, Moscow, Russia.
Michel Denancé. Gleb Leonov. Ivan Erofeev.


Renzo Piano was born in Genoa, Italy, in 1937 to a family of builders. He graduated Milan Polytechnic in 1964 and began to work with experimental light-weight structures and basic shelters. In 1971, he founded the Piano & Rogers studio and, together with Richard Rogers, won the competition for the Centre Pompidou in Paris. From the early 1970s to the 1990s, Piano collaborated with engineer Peter Rice, founding Atelier Piano & Rice in 1977. In 1981, he established the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, with offices today in Genoa, Paris and New York. Renzo Piano has been awarded the highest honors in architecture, including; the Pritzker Prize; RIBA Royal Gold Medal; Medaille d’Or, UIA; Erasmus Prize; and most recently, the Gold Medal of the AIA.




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