Park of the docks in Saint Ouen by Agence Ter

Park of the docks in Saint Ouen by Agence Ter
[Saint Ouen] France
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Park of the docks in Saint Ouen by Agence Ter
A park at the heart of a new development along the Seine River. The Integrated Development Zone of the Docks is a large 100 Ha area on the banks of the Seine, on the edge of Saint-Ouen’s historical centre at the gates of Paris.

The project designed by Agence Ter is the transformation of an almost mono-functional, industrial territory into a new mixed development fully integrated in the existing town, with the 12 hectare Park of the Docks providing an extensive open space on the banks of the Seine. This functional mix is inscribing itself into a metropolitan and regional perspective with the strong ambition to develop an ecological neighbourhood.

Description of project by Agence Ter

Saint-Ouen is a complex urban context to work in, as it is rapidly changing from its (mostly) industrial past. Social diversity is a great opportunity in the area and is something that is indirectly being addressed in the project. The ambition of Agence Ter has been to create an inclusive and democratic space, welcoming the public, residents and visitors alike. The specific location, on the banks of the Seine River, brings to life the imaginary, creates a more

Project Authors
Agence Ter (lead consultant).
Agence Ter Architectures
Design year.- 2010 Year Built.- 2013
Main construction contractor
Sequano Aménagement
Project management
BERIM (engineering and cost consultant)
+ Coup d’Éclat (lighting consultant) + Biotope ecological consultant) + ISL (geo-engineering) + Phytorestore (Hydraulic & Pond ecology) + Skatepark Service Conseil
12 Ha
€ 29.7 M

Agence Ter

Agence Ter Architectures. Henri Bava, Michel Hössler and Olivier Philippe, are the three founders of Agence Ter. Theeir team in Paris consists of some forty employees, fifteen nationalities, over more