Participative heritage. The Synagogue Square by Cel-Ras Arquitectura + Grupo Aranea + El Fabricante de espheras

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Project team
Pasqual Herrero Vicent, Francisco Leiva Ivorra, Juan Miguel Gil García, Fernando Navarro Carmona, Eduardo J. Solaz Fuster, Mª Amparo Sebastiá Esteve.
Architects.- Andrés Llopis Pérez, Jorge Juan Roy Pérez, María Pitarch Roig, Anna Morro Peña, Víctor Muñoz Macián, Yasmina Juan Osa, Francisco Piñó Alcaide, Andrea Gargallo Manota. Structures Engineer.- Alejandro Doménech Monforte. Agricultural Engineer.- Marta García Chico. Building Engineer.- José Luis Carratalà Rico, Guillem García Martí, Sara Juanes Herrera, Elisa García Capilla.
1029 sqm.
€ 455,350.88
Onda, Castellón, Spain.

Pasqual Herrero Vicent, Eduardo Jose Solaz Fuster, Mª Amparo Sebastiá Esteve, Fernando Navarro Carmona, Víctor Muñoz Macián. el fabricante de espheras

el fabricante de espheras, coop. v. is a young and polyvalent architecture practice focused both towards architecture design and architectural communication and investigation. They have received the COACV 2013-2014 and ceramics ASCER awards, amongst others.

el fabricante de espheras, coop. v. is an architecture office founded in Valencia in 2009 dedicated to the development of architecture, urban planning, landscape and design projects. In 2016, it was established as an associated work cooperative, forming a multidisciplinary team made up of young professionals with experience and specialized training that complements and intensifies the capacities in the different project processes. Respect for tradition, the environment and heritage culture are the hallmarks of each of the projects.

The study has received various awards for its work on Heritage, especially for the recovery of the Renaissance cloister of the Palau-Castell de Betxí (Castelló). Similarly, the urban regeneration process elCASC has been awarded several times for its innovative and supportive nature. In 2018, the Pla Xàtiva public participation process, linked to the Special Plan for the Protection of the Historic Center of Xàtiva, received the Housing, Mobility and Urban Planning Award with a gender perspective from the Generalitat Valenciana. More recently, the project for the Plaza de la Sinagoga in the historic center of Onda, carried out together with Grupo Aranea and Cel-Ras Arquitectura, received the Housing, Mobility and Urban Planning Award with a gender perspective 2021 from the Generalitat Valenciana, the European Award of Intervention in the Architectural Heritage AADIPA 2021 in intervention in outdoor spaces and the Accessibility Award of the European Week of Sustainable Mobility in the Valencian Community 2021.

Juan Miguel Gil, José Luis Doménech, Víctor Masip. Cel-Ras Arquitectura

Cel-Ras Arquitectura is an architectural firm formed by a team of professionals who draw from different disciplines, who are passionate about what they do and give the best of themselves every day.

Cel-Ras Arquitectura was founded in 2007 by Juan Miguel Gil, José Luis Doménech and Víctor Masip in Onda, Castellón. Since its inception, the studio has offered architectural services different from the traditional way of practicing the profession, with collaboration between technicians and agile project management.

Marta García Chico, Francisco Leiva Ivorra. Grupo Aranea

Aranea is a multidisciplinary group formed in 1998 by Marta García Chico, Agronomist Engineer, Master in Landscape and Francisco Leiva Ivorra, Architect, established in Alicante, a sunny city open to the Mediterranean Sea.

Aranea is currently composed of architects, engineers, landscape architects, artists, a biologist and a sociologist. The studio has a special sensitivity to reinterpret geographical contexts and take on programmatic challenges.

Aranea has been awarded in national and international competitions, including 1st Prize Saline Joniche Anthropic Park in Reggio Calabria, Italy 2012, 1st Prize Revitalization of the slopes of the Vinalopó River in Elche 2009, 1st Prize Urban Environment Observatory of Alicante 2009, 1st Prize 111 VPO for the Patronato Vivienda de Alicante 2007, EUROPAN 8 sites in Ceuta and Sintra 2005, 1st Prize Instituto IES Rafal 2003, 1st Prize Centro de Talasoterapia de Gijón 2002, 1st Prize Biblioteca de San Vicente del Raspeig 2001 and 1st Prize Exaequo Fachada Marítima de Calpe 1999.

Their work has been recognized with prestigious awards such as the "Barbara Cappochin" 2015, the European Prize for Urban Public Space 2014, the FAD City and Landscape Award 2014, Holcim Award Gold 2014, Iconic Award 2015, The International Architecture Award 2014, Design Vanguard 2013, Selected European Mies Van der Rohe Award 2013, AR House Award 2013, Nominated Mies van der Rohe Award 2011, the FAD Architecture Award 2010 and the FOPA Award 2005.



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