Title Transforming tree. Auvent d'Evisa by Orma Architettura

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Design office.- Teckicea. Carpentry.- Les charpentiers de la Corse. Wood supplier.- Wood from the municipal forest of Evisa.
Evisa City Council.
100 sqm.
€ 89,000.
20126, Evisa, Corsica, France.

Jean-Mathieu de Lipowski, Michel de Rocca Serra, Francois Tramoni, Alicia Orsini. Orma Architettura

Orma Architettura is the result of the association of four architects formed at the Higher School of Architecture of Marseille Luminy, Jean-Mathieu de Lipowski, Michel de Rocca Serra, Francois Tramoni, Alicia Orsini. Its association is a constant reflection around the architectural material where it touches it and makes one think.

The workshop is a place of exchange around architecture as a physical and mental construction. For them, their architecture must allow a site to be revealed through the structure that composes it, the light that revealed it, and the material that makes it vibrate.

The study allows them to reflect on the memory role of architecture as a witness to history, time, space, and the society in which it is found.

The Orma Architettura agency is the construction of a group of architects and projects that, through architecture, will seek to meet, compile, as well as re-enter has a context to produce a coherent and homogeneous architecture.

Through this reflection, the idea arises of going through time developing an emotion between tradition, landscape, and architecture.

The studio has been nominated and winner of various awards, such as the Mies 2022 Award, to which they have been nominated by Canopy of Evisa and by Vigna Maggiore; or the Europe 40 under 40 from The European Center award, of which they were winners.



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