The path of a wandering dragon among flowers. Emerald Screen Pergola by Wutopia Lab

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Wutopia Lab. Lead architect.- YU Ting. Project Architect.- MU Zhilin.
Project team
FANG Xiaobin, AN Yingjie.
Construction Drawing Design Team.- CAI Zhongming, SHI Wei.
Plant Design Team.- SHAO Jie, LI Feiran, ZHANG Licheng.
Construction Drawing Design Firm.- Wuxi Culture and Tourism Construction Development Co., Ltd.
LTDChief Planner of W'ECO Design Festival.- HOU Zhengguang, SUN Qun, XU Yun
W'ECO Design Festival Planning Firm.- Beijing Keyi Cultural & Creative Enterprise Management Co., Ltd
Lighting Consultant.- Chloe ZHANG.
Wuxi Cultural Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd.
Wuxi Taihu Mingzhu Ecological Restoration Co., Ltd.
925 sqm.
August,2023 - January,2024.
Bogong Island, Wuxi, China.
CreatAR lmages.
Featured Models.- DAI Ruoyu, FANG Xiaobin.

Yu Ting Wutopia Lab Architects

Wutopia Lab is founded by the chief architect Yu Ting in Shanghai, which is an architecture company based on a new paradigm of complex system. Wutopia Lab regards Shanghai's culture and life style as a starting point, using architecture as a tool to promote sociological progress within building practice. Wutopia Lab focuses on human and is dedicated to link different aspects of urban life: traditional, daily and cultural to interpret Urbanian lifestyle, and to develop acontemporary Chinese aesthetic based on Shanghai.

While facing each project, Wutopia Lab's practices are promoted to show different innovative strategies, thinking modes and forms. Wutopia Lab is committed to comprehensive design, not only to complete the concept and deepen of buildings, but also focuses on early planning and analysis along with landscape and interior design. Wutopia Lab also has the capacity to coordinate and collaborate different types of departments and on-site construction.



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