Patios that generate university social life. Habiteé Urban Dorms by Estudio Zero

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Estudio Zero.- Andrés Martínez Conde, Arturo Hernández Mendoza, Jonás Martínez Reséndiz.
St. Felipe Ángeles, Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico.

Jonás Martínez, Arturo Hernández. Estudio zero

Established in 2016 Estudio Zero is a young architecture workshop with origin in the Mexican city of Querétaro, currently formed by the Architects Jonás Martínez and Arturo Hernández, who graduated from the Itesm Campus Qro in 2015, with different international participation in countries such as Spain, Italy, and the United States.

The Firm was born from the need to define and create spaces with an architecture that responds to the needs of the contemporary, but without ignoring the urban needs of the cities and the intentions of the clients through a typological analysis to establish the distinction between Content (program) and Form.

They are looking for a palpable architecture, that expresses the origin of both the place and its materials and processes, where the construction processes can be appreciated as layers that come together to form a single object that spatially generates a certain sensation, but that at the same time respond to the environment prioritizing vegetation and landscape.

The study aims to generate projects that seek a clear and thoughtful relationship between spaces, where the connection between form and content is translated into "inhabiting the spaces", without neglecting the programmatic, economic, and social needs of its clients.

They believe that architecture exists thanks to construction methods and processes and that at the same time they determine the quality of the project. They are interested in delving into spatial quality, in working with available resources and seeking planning, but without underestimating improvisation to seek sustainable solutions within the craftsmanship of architecture, since they believe that each project is unique and must be studied from a coherent perspective and referring to the context, from the tectonic to the pragmatic, since Zero.



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