Playing around the central pillar. School in Orsonnens by TED'A Arquitectes

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TEd'A arquitectes. Irene Pérez and Jaume Mayol
Collaborator Architecs
Toni Ramis, Tomeu Mateu, Margherita Lurani, Teresa Piferrer (TEd’A arquitectes)
Local Architecture Team. Management, planning and site management
Rapin-Saiz Architectes
Architecture Local team. Col·laboradors
Mona Dorion, Valentin Rey, Camille Trechot, Nicolas Olivier (Rapin Saiz architectes)
Civil Engineering Timber.- Ratio Bois Sàrl Civil Engineering Concrete.- 2M Ingénierie Civile SA Electrical Engineering.- Bureau d'études en électricité Bernard Bersier CVS Engineering.- Sacao SA Geometrician.- GéoSud SA Glâne Acoustics Engineering.- Ecoacoustique Façade Specialist.- X-Made - Material and envelope design
Competition.- 2014. First Prize. Project.- 2014-2016. Construction.- 2016-2017
2,450.0 m²
7,700,000 CHF - € 6,624,058.37

Irene Pérez-Jaume Mayol. TED´A ARQUITECTES

TEd'A arquitectes is a small studio located in Mallorca and consists for Irene Pérez and Jaume Mayol.

Irene Pérez (1976). Architect for the ETSA Vallés (2001). Woodcock Oldemburg Workshop (1998), scholarship studies at the Faculty of Roma Tre (1999). Collaborates in the Pérez-Moré arquitectes (1999-2001) and Joan Pascual arquitecte (2001-2004) studies.

Jaume Mayol (1976). Architect by ETSA Vallés (2000). architect Doctor cum laude from the UPC, with the thesis School architecture Guillem Forteza (1917-1943), directed by Josep Quetglas. He collaborates in studies of Batlle i Roig (1999-2000) i RCR arquitectes (2000-2001). Assistant Professor of the Master "Architecture: Critical and project" UPC, 2003. Professor Fellow at the ETSA Vallés, 2003-2004. Reader professor credited as the AQU Catalonia (2011). Professor summer course "thousand pedreres". Professor of Projects and Design Studio in school IE Madrid (2011-2014).



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