Plaza Mayor of Traspinedo

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Óscar Miguel Ares Álvarez
Bárbara Arranz González, Jesús J. Ruiz Alonso, Mario Rabanillo
Construction site supervision
DO.Óscar Miguel Ares Álvarez /DE Javier Palomero Alonso
Mestolaya SL


Óscar Miguel Ares (Valladolid, 1972). Architect since 1998 (School of Architecture of Valladolid). In 2010 he became Doctor in the Universidad de Valladolid – with the thesis “GATEPAC 1928-1939” – being his tutor D. Juan Antonio Cortés. Since 2013 he is projects professor in ETS of Architecture of Valladolid. He has collaborated with the International University Isabel I of Castile and has taught as guest lecturer at the ETSA La Salle (Universidad Ramón Lluch, Barcelona), Universidad San Pablo CEU (Valladolid) and at School of Design de la University Al Ghurari (Dubái, EAU).

 His texts and works in the area of architectural criticism have been published by the magazine Arquitectura Viva and the web, as well as by the departments of composition and projects of the ETSA Madrid, UPC of Barcelona - with whom he collaborates assiduously as editor in the publication DC Papers-, ETSA of Seville and ETSA Cartagena. He has lectured in Helsinki, Mexico D.F, Oporto, Pamplona, ​​Barcelona, ​​Madrid or Seville. Author of the book: "La Modernidad alternativa. Tránsitos de la forma en la arquitectura española (1930-1936)"
As an architect he has won several competitions, his work being recognized and awarded at the Biennial of Spanish Architecture (2011), the Sustainable Architecture Awards of Castilla y León (2017) and the Architecture Biennials of Castilla y León (2009, 2011 and 2015) ). His works have been published in numerous national and international magazines, being reviewed in newspapers like "La Vanguardia". Since March 2012 she has been working alone, together with the architect Bárbara Arranz and Jesús J.Ruiz, under the brand Contexts of Architecture and Urbanism.

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