Prefabricated housing system by MIMA

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Mário Sousa - Marta Brandão MIMA

Mário Sousa. Partner, Architect, Creative Director, New Products. Mário is an architect. He has studied in Porto at FAULP. In September 2007, he has joined Richter & Dahl Rocha office and collaborates with them in Lausanne since then. In the beginning of 2011, Mário has founded MIMA, together with Miguel and Marta and dove into an investigation on housing schemes and prefab construction methods, started already in 2007. At MIMA Lab, Mário is a creative brain and systematically comes up with ideas for new products and works hard on the design development of the established ones.

Marta Brandão. Partner, Architect, Art Director, Design, PR. Marta is an architect. She has studied in Porto at FAUP and  in Lausanne at the EPFL. Between 2008 and 2012, Marta worked as a collaborator of Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron in Basel, Switzerland. She has been involved in several large scale projects of housing  and cultural buildings. Marta is currently a doctoral assistant at the EPFL Lausanne and she's a researcher of the Complex Design program. At MIMA Lab, Marta is responsible for the design and development of new projects, overall graphic design of the firm,  PR, communication and written information.



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