Protective skin. Hanzas Perons by Reinis Liepins, Sudraba Arhitektura

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Reinis Liepins.- Sudraba Arhitektura.
Project team
Ilze Liepina, Ieva Landmane, Ainars Plankajs, Martins Ostanevics, Jurgis Prikulis. Supervision.- Pillar Architecten and Sudraba Arhitektūra, Reinis Liepins, Anete Salma, Diana Kula, Ieva Landmane.
Concept of restoration and solutions.- Ilze Liepina.
Pillar Contractor.
Gross Built Area.- 4426 sqm. Public area.- 2800 sqm. Event hall area.- 1230 sqm (possible to divide it into three separate halls - 467 sqm, 294 sqm and 467 sqm). Surrounding territory.- 17576 sqm.
Data set
Maximum capacity.- 2100 persons. Maximum seats.- 1200. Number of floors.- 2 + 1 underground floor. Height of the building.- 12,9 m. Volume of the building.- 31 178 m³. Number of spaces/rooms.- 57. Parking.- for 57 cars, 3 busses, 38 bicycles. Total amount of railway tracks used.- 500 m. Amount of bricks used for wall renovation.- 27 790 pcs.
11 million euros.
Year of the historical building.- 1903. Years of reconstruction.- 2017-2019 (project development – 9 months, construction – 18 months). Reconstruction completion Year.- 2019.
Riga, Latvia. Coordinates.- 56.963075, 24.107826.
Reinis Hofmanis.

Reinis Liepins. Sudraba Arhitektūra

Sudraba Arhitektūra combines a fine approach to architectural heritage with the needs of our contemporary clients, respecting the authenticity of the site, appreciating the current ageing phase and adding required dose of modernism. 

The Bureau has extensive experience in the renovation of centuries old historic buildings, as well as creating new ones with the demands of modern architecture – adding the necessary details to ensure function and accessibility, paying attention to every detail. 

The Team, led by the senior architect Reinis Liepins, creates and develops projects for public buildings, homes and interiors for individual clients and businesses.



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