Quality with few resources. Secondary School and Bangre Veenem School Complex by Albertfaus Architecture

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Albertfaus Architecture.
Project team
Albert Faus, Anton Pena, Giovanni Quattrocolo, Cecilia Martínez, María Lindón de Miguel, Aziz Ilboudo, Teresa Cruz, Alienor Goffart, Camie Deramaux, David Demange (Le Soleil dans la Main).
Structure.- Otherstructures.
Ong-D Le Soleil Dans La Main (Lux).
Koudougou City Council.
Concept Sarl (Lycee) + Ewk (Auxiliary Buildings).
ONG-D ASDM + Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et Européennes (MAEE) du Luxembourg.
Secondary School: Constructed area.- 940,00 sqm. Outdoor terrace area.- 435,00 sqm. Under roof.- 2.200,00 sqm. Canteen: Constructed area.- 80,50 sqm. Under roof.- 170,00 sqm. Changing rooms: Constructed area.- 28,25 sqm. Gatehouse: Constructed area.- 28,25 sqm. Parking areas: Constructed area.- 610,00 sqm. Water tank building: Constructed area.- 60,00 sqm.
Project.- 2018. Construction.- 2019.

Albert Faus Madrid. Albertfaus Architecture

Albert Faus Madrid (Barcelona, ​​1972) has a degree in architecture and a diploma in building engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

He has been involved in architectural work since 1997, first as a liberal professional working with various architectural firms, and later as a founding partner of VAarquitectes (2001-2009), where he developed privately as well as public promotional projects.

In late 2009 he founded the Albertfaus Architecture studio and moved to Burkina Faso in 2010, from where he has directed construction projects for International Cooperation entities. In recent years, he has started Research and Development projects, being awarded in 2015 with the Innovation Prize awarded by the Official College of Architects of Catalonia.

Always working with few resources (financial and technical), in his projects in Burkina Faso he has tried to make the most of the construction with local materials, interpreting traditional techniques with a contemporary language, and introducing improvements using modern products and methodologies.

His project Reform and expansion of the Guiba Maternity was awarded the Opinion Prize at the 2017 FAD International Awards. The Katiou Library in Komsilga (2015), the House for orphaned children with specific needs in Home, were selected for the same awards Kisito in Ouagadougou (2016) and the Restoration of traditional plasters in Tangassogo (2019), and being once again Finalist with the construction of a Vocational Training Center for women in the town of Boassa (2018), all of them in Burkina Faso.



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