Re-Inhabitation of the space. From Avenida to Fontán

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Andrés Perea, Elena Suárez, Rafael Torrelo.
Fontán Building, Ciudad de la Cultura, Monte Gaias, Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain.
Ana Amado, Manuel G. Vicente.

Jorge Morín de Pablos

Jorge Morín de Pablos is Director of the Department of Archaeology, Palaeontology and Cultural Relations at Auditores de Energía y Medio Ambiente, S.A.. D. from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 2003 with the thesis "La época visigoda en el occidente de la Meseta Norte. Provincias de León, Zamora y Salamanca (5th to 8th centuries AD)".

He has a wide range of publications, including journal articles, contributions to collective works, reviews, and books among others.

Andrés Perea

Andrés Perea Ortega (Bogotá 1940 - Madrid November 16, 2023) was born in Bogotá, due to his family's exile during the Spanish Civil War.

A Spaniard, he studied at the ETSAM, graduating in 1965.

His long professional career has allowed him to share with countless architects collaborators in constructive production, and students of Architecture here as a teacher, researcher, and understanding of architecture, always as creative work.

An effort that has earned awards and distinctions, and also failures and mistakes as the human being he pretends to be.

Madrid, Bogota autumn 2022.

Andrés Perea, Elena Suárez Calvo, Rafael Fernández Torrelo. PEREA, SUÁREZ, TORRELO

Perea, Suárez, Torrelo, for the Fontán building project, the architects formed a team: Andrés Perea, Elena Suárez Calvo, and Rafael Fernández Torrelo.

The crossing of paths has been fortunate.

The ambitious youth of modelled spaces and freedom with two patrollers of the profession.

One of a long journey in search not of the sources of the Nile... but of beauty. The other in the fullness of his vigour.

Coming to the rescue.

Holding the course.

A beautiful, unforgettable journey through invention and reality.



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