Reconnect with the present. Renovation of the «plane» environment by Blancafort-Reus Arquitectura

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Blancafort-Reus Arquitectura. Lead architects.- Patricia Reus, Jaume Blancafort.
Project team
Candy García, Victoria Artés, Contemporary City and Architectural Design R+D+i group, UPCT.
Building Contractor
General Directorate of the Natural Environment. Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and the Environment. Murcia region.
1.730 m².
Alhama de Murcia, Spain.
Joaquín Zamora, MuB foto.

Jaume Blancafort, Patricia Reus. Blancafort-Reus Arquitectura

Blancafort-Reus Arquitectura is a studio based in Barcelona and Murcia, founded and led by Jaume Blancafort and Patricia Reus. They develop architectural projects that cover a wide range of formats and fields; from the design of furniture for an exhibition to the spatial conception of an infrastructure such as an airport terminal; going through officially protected housing or urban plans.

The company, small and with a wide multidisciplinary network of collaborators, has an agility and flexibility that allow a high capacity for adaptation and response to customer needs, with the constant desire to pursue functional and aesthetic excellence. Both founders are professors of Architectural Projects at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura y Edificación de Cartagena.

Patricia Reus (1975) is an architect from ETSAV. She has completed the Research Master's Degree in Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism from the University of Alicante and is a doctor from the same university. She has received the Extraordinary Doctorate Award.

Jaume Blancafort (1970) is an architect from the ETSAB. He has completed the Research Master's Degree in Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism from the University of Alicante and is a doctor from the same university. He has received the Extraordinary Doctorate Award.

The research lines of the group they co-direct, Contemporary City and Architectural Design, at the UPCT, can be framed in sustainability, participation and care in contemporary architecture and urbanism.

The teaching and research work carried out at the university is directly linked to the creative and technical work carried out through Blancafort-Reus Arquitectura, whose work has been recognized in prestigious competitions such as the Venice Architecture Biennale, the AR’D Awards in Emerging Architecture (Architectural Review, London), the FAD Awards, the AJAC Awards or the Spanish Architecture Award. This work has also been exhibited in Spain, Great Britain, France, Sweden, Italy, Slovenia, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, etc. and has been published in numerous specialized architecture media such as AR, Detail, AV, A+U, Nexus, Domus, ON, Pasajes. As well as in newspapers or audiovisual programs on RTVE, BBC or Netflix.

They also do an intense job of disseminating ideas and knowledge about architecture and urbanism by actively participating in forums, the media and events that transcend the boundaries of the discipline. This activity was recognized with the XII BIAU Award and has been nominated as a finalist in the XVI BEAU.



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