Reconnecting the city. Västerås Travel Center by BIG

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Project team
Partner-in-Charge.- Bjarke Ingels, David Zahle. Project Manager.- Kamilla Heskje. Design lead.- Marie Lancon. Team.- Aileen Koh, Allen Dennis Shakir, Anders Bruntse, Anders Holden Deleuran, Dalma Ujvari, Federica Fogazzi, Geetika Bhutani, Ida Linnea Elvira Maria Lujak, Laura Wätte, Marius Tromholt-Richter, Yunus Alperen Basak. BIG Engineering.- Indoom climate, Jesper Kanstrup Petersen (BIG E), Natasha Lykke Lademann Østergaard (BIG E).
Project team during Competition
Project Leader.- Kamilla Heskje. Team.- Oscar Abrahamsson, Nicolas Millot, Camila Luise de Andrade Stadler, Gwendoline Eveillard, Franck Fdida, Giedrius Mamavicius, Andre Enrico Cassettari Zanolla, Camila Luise de Andrade Stadler,Cristian Teodor Fratila,Geoffrey Eberle, Ioana Fartadi Scurtu,Ipek Akin, Johan Bergström, Laurine Louisette Marie Alard, Luca Pileri, Magnus Garvoll, Malgorzata Mutkowska, Margarida Jéronimo, Martino Hutz, Megan Fiona Cumming, Ola Sobczyk, Ovidiu Munteanu, Peter Mortensen, Rasam Aminzadeh, Rihards Dzelme, Shin Saeki, Sofia Fors Adolfsson, Tyrone James Cobcroft, Yu Xun Zhang.
Structure, geotechnics.- Tyrens. Landscape.- Kragh & Berglund. Project management.- Rambøll. Sustainability coordination.- Rambøll. Local architect.- Sweco Architects AB. Traffic planner.- VAP. El.- Afry. Fire.- Brandprojektering AB. Ventilation.- Kadesjös. Cable management coordination.- PQ Projektledning AB. Risk managment.- Structor Riskbyrån AB. Cost estimation.- WSP.
Västerås municipality.
16.963 sqm.
Project.- 2020. Construction.- 2022.
Västerås, Sweden.


Bjarke Ingels (born in Copenhagen, 1974) studied architecture at the Royal Academy in Copenhagen and at the School of Architecture of Barcelona, ​​obtaining his degree as an architect in 1998. He is the founder of the BIG architecture studio - (Bjarke Ingels Group), studio founded in 2005, after co-founding PLOT Architects in 2001 with his former partner Julien de Smedt, whom he met while working at the prestigious OMA studio in Rotterdam.

Bjarke has designed and completed award-winning buildings worldwide, and currently his studio is based with venues in Copenhagen and New York. His projects include The Mountain, a residential complex in Copenhagen, and the innovative Danish Maritime Museum in Elsinore.

With the PLOT study, he won the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale in 2004, and with BIG he has received numerous awards such as the ULI Award for Excellence in 2009. Other prizes are the Culture Prize of the Crown Prince of Denmark in 2011; and Along with his architectural practice, Bjarke has taught at Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University and Rice University and is an honorary professor at the Royal Academy of Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen.

In 2018, Bjarke received the Knight's Cross of the Order of Dannebrog granted by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II. He is a frequent public speaker and continues to give lectures at places such as TED, WIRED, AMCHAM, 10 Downing Street or the World Economic Forum. In 2018, Bjarke was appointed Chief Architectural Advisor by WeWork to advise and develop the design vision and language of the company for buildings, campuses and neighborhoods around the world.




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