Reconstruction and revival from abstraction and memory. Zhang Yan Culturale Museum by Horizontal Design

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Horizontal Design. Chief Creative Design Director.- Ju Bin. Chief Architect.- Zhou Zhimin, He Bin.
Project team
Architectural Design Team.- Zhang Jia, Deng Shuyu, Song Wenyu, Hu yao, Huang Ping, Xu Weiwei. Interior Design Team.- Wei jinjing, Sheng Lingxiang, Luo Fanyu, Yang Yixi.
Site Architect.- Zhang Jia. Interior Furnishings.- Cen Yuhua. Interior Construction Drawing.- Nie Hongming. LDI.- Jiang Architects & Engineers (JAE). LDI Team.- Jiang Chun, Cheng Zhichun, Shi Yi, Li Jing, Ren Weiwei, Wu Yong, Zhang Xi, Du Gang, Zhu Min, Zhang Hang, Wang Zhen, Wu Li, Peng Jian, Chen Dong, Wang Wei, Xu Jian. Interior Mechanical & Electrical Design.- Shenzhen Huapu decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd. Lighting Consultant.- Shenzhen junshitan Industry Co., Ltd, Viabizzuno Co., Ltd. Display Consultant.- Shanghai Fengyuzhu Culture Technology Co.,ltd. Ancient Building Restoration Consultant.- Shanghai Jiao Tong University Urban Planning & Architectural Design Co.Ltd.
CSCEC (Shanghai) New Urbanization Investment Development Co., Ltd.
China Construction Eighth Engineering Division .corp.Ltd. Ancient Building Restoration Constructor.- Zhongxiao Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. Facade Consultant & Constructor: Shanghai Sunvast Construction Decoration Eng. Co.,Ltd. Landscape Constructor.- Shanghai Hongsheng construction landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.
Time of design.- 08/2017-05/2018. Time of construction.- 06/2018-05/2019.
Su Shengliang / Schran Image.

Ju Bin. Horizontal Design

Horizontal Design, was established by Ju Bin, founder and and executive design director, in 2003. Horizontal Design works in the fields of architecture, interior, landscape and product design.

Horizontal Design explores the possibilities of traditional culture. Each Horizontal Design project carries unique characteristics and energetic response to life. Guided by oriental culture, art and philosophy, Horizontal Design pursues real Chinese modern design with application of digital analysis and international design methodology.

2020 The Best Interior Designer of the Year.
2019 AD100 Top Talents in Architecture and Interior Design.
2018 CIDA China's Annual Top 10 Interior Designers.
2017 DESIGN POWER 100 Designer of the Year.
2017 GQ Designer of the Year.
2017 AD100 Top Talents in Architecture and Interior Design.
2015 Dragon Design Foundation - China's Top 10 Outstanding Youths in Design Industry.
2015 AD100 Top Talents in Architecture and Interior Design.
2014 Man of the Year in Design in China.
2011-2012 The Most Influential Chinese Designers in China Interior Design Industry.
2011 Laureate of Hall of Fame,INTERIOR DESIGN.
2009-2010 Top 10 figures in Interior Design in China.
2009 Man of the Year in Interior Design in China.



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