Renovation of the “Apprentices” building for the Mondragón Music School by KREAN Group

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KREAN Group. Lead architects.- Diego Rodriguez, Fernando de la Maza, Javier de la Fuente.
Mondragón City Council.
Competition.- 2016.
Completion.- 2023.
Mondragón/Arrasate, Guipúzcoa, Basque Country, Spain.

Luis Anduaga, Jon Berbel, Patxi Larizgoitia. KREAN

KREAN is a Basque industrial group founded by Luis Anduaga and Jon Berbel, with Patxi Larizgoitia as director of its Architecture area.

The group creates, from engineering, better architecture and industry, better infrastructures and spaces, so that they have a positive impact on people, their environment, and on the future they create, with ingenuity and creativity, through its 5 areas of activity (Architecture, Industry, City and territory, Construction and Promotion) and that help them offer both comprehensive and specific solutions to the challenges of their clients.

A future that they shape by changing things, by creating differently, by creating with K. Creating with K means responding with creativity and commitment to every challenge, making any idea a reality, and acting responsibly. Creating with K is transforming, the most advanced engineering, clients' challenges into real and tangible solutions.

Its multidisciplinary team has the experience, capabilities, and sensitivity to respond to complex projects, offering complete and integrated solutions, helping its clients with a high-level design, and pursuing excellence in all aspects: image, functionality, economic conditions, and deadlines, energy, comfort, and health.



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