Renovation in harmony with the past. Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l’Homme by Panorama Architecture

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Panorama Architecture. Architects.- Ignacio Tillard, Olivier Brouwez.
Project team
Aurélia Guimard, Fabienne Campion, Noémie Humez, Stéphanie Boudier, Ignacio Tillard, Olivier Brouwez, Jean-Baptiste André, Emeline Marty, Eyad Elias, David Gameiro, Émilie Hélardot, Bastien Treille, Cécile Avazeri, Sonia Arnaud, Caroline Louche.
Rectorat d’Aix Marseille.
Cabinet Morère, Ingénierie 84, Adret, Naldéo (BET), BEC.
1,004 sqm.
Construction.- 2014/2019.
€4.3 M.

Ignacio Tillard, Olivier Brouwez. Panorama Architecture

Panorama Architecture. Ignacio Tillard and Olivier Brouwez re-founded this architecture firm in 2019 after taking the reins of the Fradin-Weck Architecture agency from the hands of their founders Jacques Fradin and Jean-Michel Weck, in Aix-en-Provence, France.

The Panorama architecture firm has been working on a wide range of projects for 20 years now. They are working in the Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur region and beyond. We won the competitions for the construction of the Fort Vauban university gymnasium in Nîmes and that of the Nyons high school in Drôme.

One of the characteristics differentiating the firm resides in the quality of its architecture: restraint, elegance, simplicity, long-lasting are all terms that describe the firm’s identity. These solid foundations have enabled partners Olivier Brouwez and Ignacio Tillard to develop a new vision based on the desire to reinvent, test and develop.



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