New look for the typical English Gothic school. School of Science and Sport Building for Brighton College by OMA

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OMA Partner.- Ellen van Loon. Project Director.- Carol Patterson.
Competition Team
2013: Ellen van Loon, Rem Koolhaas, Carol Patterson, Gabriela Bandeira, Jan Barta, Marlies Boterman, Matthew Davis, Emile Estourgie, Alain Fouraux, Mindaugas Glodenis, Airat Khusnutdinov, Can Liu , Hans Larsson, Nikki Mulder, Edward Nicholson, Betty Ng, Francesca Pagliaro, , Tom Shadbolt, Liheng Zhang, Hongchuan Zhao.
2014.- Ellen van Loon, Carol Patterson Kees van Casteren, Alain Fouraux, Daniel Gonzales, Leonardos Katsaros, Hans Larsson, Ellen van Loon, Francesco Moncada, Martin Murrenhoff, Betty Ng, Vitor Oliveira, Pawel Panfiluk, Jad Semaan, Timur Shabaev, Jonathan Telkamp.
Schematic Design.- Carol Patterson, Marina Cogliani, Cristina Marin de Juan, Dinka Beglerbegovic.
Design Development.- Carol Patterson, Marina Cogliani, Michalis Hadjistyllis, Mario Rodriguez.
Construction.- Carol Patterson, Isabel da Silva, Marina Cogliani, Tom Pailing, Magdalena Stanescu.
Services engineer.- Skelley and Couch. Structural engineer.- Fluid Engineering. Landscape.- Bradley-Hole Schoenaich. Acoustics.- Ramboll. Fire engineer.- The Fire Surgery. Sustainability.- Eight Associates. Contractor.- McLaren. Employers representative.- Gardiner & Theobald. Project Manager.- Adrian Broadway.
Brighton College
Builder company / Contractor
McLaren Construction Group.
Reinforced concrete frame (Basement, Ground Floor, Lift Core).- Galldris.
Steel frame (above ground superstructure): Conder Allslade.
Precast concrete bridge beam (ground level floor to gyms).- Shay Murtagh.
Composite metal decking(typical above ground floors).- Prodeck Fixing / Conder Alslade.
External material elements.- Alumet.
Area / Measurements
GFA.- 7,425 m².
Total length of the building: 120m
Main building footprint: 120m x 23m
Running track (indoors): 30m
Running track (outdoors): 50m +18.5m run off space Swimming pool: 5 lane, 25m x 10.5m
Sports Hall: 35.2m x 22.9m x 7.9m (height)
Typical Lab: 12m x 7.5m x 2.96m (height)
Cinema: 10.5m x 9m x 2.95m
Greenhouse: 7.4m x 7.4m
Competition (2013, 2014), Commission (2014), Planning approval (2015), Construction (2017- 2019), Completion (2020). Completed, open January 5, 2020.
Venue / Adress
Eastern Rd, Brighton BN2 OAL, United Kingdom
Educational (science class rooms, laboratories, sports facilities, swimming pool).
U-Value targets (W/M2k): Wall 0.2, Reglit Glazing 1.2, Standard glazing 1.2, Roof 0.14, Floor 0.2 Renewable energy: Ground source heat pump. CHP (combined heat and power).
Ventilation strategy: Passive, naturally ventilated. Mechanical heating/cooling only where required (sports) via ground source heat pump. High ceiling heights promote natural ventilation.
Lightning: Natural light, excellent daylighting to reduce daytime artificial light. Deep reveal for solar shading in summer. Rooflights.
Artificial lighting (lux): Gym/changing room 200, Sports Hall 300/500/750, typical classroom 300 Biodiversity: Sedum roof enhances and reduces water run-off
Materials - External
Skeleton rainscreen cladding: Fibre C GFRC Cladding, liquid black (Supplied by Pura Facades) Aluminium curtain wall glazing: Natural anodized finish (Supplied by Schuco)
External doors: Natural anodized finish (Supplied by Schuco)
U Channel glass cladding: Toughened, heat soaked tested and low iron, natural anodized frame, security film applied, insulation infill (Supplied by Linit)
Precast concrete cladding (+ wedge steps): Natural anodized finish (Supplied by Creagh Concrete) Aluminium rainscreen cladding: Supplied by Taylor Maxwell
Material - Roof
Sedum: Extensive, used on non accessible areas (Contractor: Briggs Amasco)
Synthetic grass: Tigerturf finesse, used on accessible areas (Contractor: Fieldform)
Composite decking: Anthracite/ebony color (Supplied by Timco Wood)
Metal grating balustrade: Stainless steel, square aperture (Supplied by Elefant Gratings)
Glass Balustrade: Glazing channel - Stemcor Architectural EaziFit 1.5kN (Contractor: Bailey fabrications) Running track: Polytan Rekordan (Contractor: Fieldform)
Materials - Internal
Typical floor: Concrete screed + resilient layer (+UFH locally)
Floor finish sports hall/gym: Timber Oak (Supplied by Dynamic)
Floor finish typical lab + circulation: Linoleum (Supplied by Forbo)
Floor finish swimming pool: Glass Mosaic ceramic tiles (Supplied by Designworks Tiles) Floor finish changing areas: Mosaic ceramic tiles (Supplied by Togoma)
Floor finish entrance matting: Supplied by Coba Flooring
Typical wall: Gypframe metal stud (Supplied by British Gypsum)

OMA. Office for Metropolitan Architecture

Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) is a leading international partnership practising architecture, urbanism, and cultural analysis. OMA's buildings and masterplans around the world insist on intelligent forms while inventing new possibilities for content and everyday use. OMA is led by eight partners – Rem Koolhaas, Reinier de Graaf, Ellen van Loon, Shohei Shigematsu, Iyad Alsaka, Chris van Duijn, Jason Long, and Managing Partner-Architect David Gianotten – and maintains offices in Rotterdam, New York, Hong Kong, Doha, and Australia.

OMA-designed buildings currently under construction are the renovation of Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe) in Berlin, The Factory in Manchester, Hangzhou Prism, the CMG Times Center in Shenzhen and the Simone Veil Bridge in Bordeaux.

OMA’s completed projects include Taipei Performing Arts Centre (2022), Norra Tornen in Stockholm (2020), Axel Springer Campus in Berlin (2020), MEETT Toulouse Exhibition and Convention Centre (2020), Galleria in Gwanggyo (2020), nhow RAI Hotel in Amsterdam (2020), a new building for Brighton College (2020), and Potato Head Studios in Bali (2020). Earlier buildings include Fondazione Prada in Milan (2018), Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow (2015), Fondazione Prada in Milan (2015); G-Star Headquarters in Amsterdam (2014); Shenzhen Stock Exchange (2013); De Rotterdam (2013), CCTV Headquarters in Beijing (2012), New Court, the headquarters for Rothschild Bank in London (2011); Milstein Hall at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York (2011); and Maggie's Centre, a cancer care centre in Glasgow (2011). Earlier buildings include Casa da Música in Porto (2005), Seattle Central Library (2004), and Netherlands Embassy in Berlin (2003).

Ellen van Loon

Ellen van Loon joined OMA in 1998 and has led several award-winning building projects that combine sophisticated design with precise execution. Some of her most significant contributions include the new G-Star Headquarters in Amsterdam (2014); De Rotterdam, the largest building in the Netherlands (2013); New Court, the Rothschild Bank headquarters in London (2011); exterior and interior design for Maggie's Centre near Glasgow (2011); the Prada Transformer pavilion in Seoul (2009); Casa da Musica in Porto (2005), winner of the 2007 RIBA Award; and the Dutch Embassy in Berlin (2003), winner of the European Union Mies van der Rohe award in 2005. 

Van Loon is currently working on Factory, a large performing arts venue for Manchester; a new building for Brighton College in England; and the home of the Danish Architecture Center in Copenhagen. 



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